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Restoring a car may be a difficult project for beginners. Even basic car restoration requires a large amount of space, a selection of screwdrivers, pliers, and other tools, a small air compressor, welders, and a floor jack. With all of these necessary components, car owners with little to no experience may end up disappointed.

But @ The Car Wash ( offers both single services and full services for basic car restoration, detailing, window tinting, and car wash. They provide quality service with cutting-edge technology and schedule personalized appointments. @ The Car Wash can quickly take care of everything between damaged headlights, sticky adhesive removal, and thorough interior cleaning.

For basic restoration, @ The Car Wash can completely restore headlights to peak condition making the lights clearer and getting rid of any dim lights. A pair of headlights costs only $65 compared to the average price of professional restoration at $75-100 per set. Although some claim that using household products to restore headlights is the most cost-efficient, this can damage the light further if these methods are used incorrectly. @ The Car Wash offers a professional restoration between the cost of using household products, which is about $30-40, and the cost in comparison to other companies.

In addition to headlight restoration, @ The Car Wash offers adhesive removal including decals, labels, and stickers. Additionally, they can deliver artillery fungus removal and water spot treatment at flexible pricing. Other restorative services like polishing and cleaning covers chrome polishing, wheel/rim cleaning, and engine cleaning for pricing based on the condition of the car. @ The Car Wash also offers a paint correction package for the entire car with prices starting at $225. Compared to the average cost of a high-quality paint job that ranges from $300 to $900, @ The Car Wash ensures quality service for much less.

In addition to their restoration package, @ The Car Wash supplies great deals on exterior detail. According to Costhelper, the average price of a basic hand-wash with interior cleaning is around $20-150. This company offers a hand wash for a total of $34.95 with the use of find soap and microfiber towels. @ The Car Wash offers a wax option for $74.95 or a clay bar and wax for $109.95. With these deals on car interior washing, @ The Car Wash is the cost-efficient option.

@ The Car Wash
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