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Teeth play a crucial part in a person’s aesthetic appeal. Persistent dissatisfaction can come from gaps, broken teeth, or poor dental alignment.

[KENT, 4/7/2018] – Choosing to have cosmetic dentistry in Leybourne at One Smile Oral Care is a good way to overcome the difficulties associated with unsightly dental features. Contemporary cosmetic treatments come in many different forms, from one-off enhancements to long-lasting modifications.

Dazzling smiles with cosmetic dentistry at One Smile Oral Care

Cosmetic dentistry is often used to make a person’s smile look more appealing. At One Smile Oral Care, many people choose to have teeth whitening. Teeth can discolour over the years, as food and drink leave behind traces on the outer enamel coating. The resulting unsightly stains can’t be removed with tooth brushing alone.

Teeth whitening treatment involves the patient wearing a dental tray with a whitening agent inside that gradually lifts the stains off the teeth. The particular shade of white can be chosen by the patient before the process starts. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry at One Smile Oral Care, this treatment is particularly popular due to its speedy results.

Teeth straightening at One Smile Oral Care

Many people need cosmetic dentistry to alter the alignment of their teeth. Crooked, crowded or spaced out teeth can negatively affect oral hygiene, as well as being visually unappealing. Treatment with certain modern aligners and braces, available at One Smile Oral Care, comes under the umbrella of cosmetic dentistry. They offer a discreet way for patients to create their dream smile. The results of even relatively minor adjustments can be dramatic and patients can enjoy their new smiles for years to come.

Restoring what’s missing at One Smile Oral Care

Lost teeth can be restored using several types of cosmetic dentistry at One Smile Oral Care. Bridges and dentures are customised to look and feel as natural as possible. Dental implants enable full dental function by securely integrating with the jawbone. They allow people to once more enjoy biting into the foods they love most.

Having cosmetic dentistry at One Smile Oral Care enables people to improve their aesthetic appeal. This can lead to an increase in confidence. Cosmetic dentistry treatments are delivered by caring professionals, safely and efficiently.