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Sustaining damage to a tooth can cause problems with dental function. A person’s oral hygiene can also be badly affected when damage to a tooth makes it difficult to clean. Having crowns in Erskineville at Healthy Smile Centre is one way to avoid the difficulties associated with damaged teeth.

[ROSEBERY, 3/7/2018] – It is also a useful procedure for restoring teeth that already have large fillings, or that have been significantly weakened by advanced tooth decay. Crowns at Healthy Smile Centre can additionally be used to enhance the appearance of teeth that have discoloured. This common condition can slowly build up over many years, as food and drink leave traces of colour on the outer layers of the teeth.

A meticulous procedure at Healthy Smile Centre

When a patient receives crowns in Erskineville at Healthy Smile Centre, they go through several stages of treatment. Firstly, the dentist at Healthy Smile Centre will take an impression or digital scan of the damaged tooth or teeth. A dental laboratory will then manufacture the crowns based on this information, so that it is precisely matched to the patient’s dental needs.

Before attaching the crowns, it is necessary for the dentist at Healthy Smile Centre to remove a thin layer of enamel on the affected teeth. The crowns are then attached using a powerful adhesive. Crowns are made from a material that is the same colour as the patient’s dental enamel. This helps the repairs blend into the background.

After the crowns are placed

Once crowns are fixed to the damaged teeth, they won’t decay. However, the parts of the teeth that remain underneath the crowns will still be at risk of decay. Rigorous oral hygiene should therefore be maintained, including careful brushing of the teeth. A dentist at Healthy Smile Centre will advise patients on how to do this.

After receiving crowns at Healthy Smile Centre, patients who look after them will be able to enjoy their benefits for many years. The dental team at Healthy Smile Centre will let the patient know if crowns are a suitable solution to their damaged teeth at their initial consultation.