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When summer evenings begin to cool, SHUKR have the solution to keeping stylish in the form of their new jilbab range which is taking the summer by storm!

Shukr Islamic Clothing, a company established to provide Muslims with modest yet stylish wardrobe solutions, has recently released a new line of jilbabs for the warmer weather. Registered in the US and the UK with current headquarters in Jordan, SHUKR sells modest clothing that includes long dresses and skirts, abayas, hijabs, wide legged pants, modest tops for men and women, and popular Islamic hats.

A centric item to any summer wardrobe is a jilbab, and SHUKR offers a wide range of this warm weather staple. The new collection will speak to Muslim women around the world as it displays the beauty of Islam in the summer season.

“SHUKR knows the difficulty of finding modest everyday clothing,” says Anas Sillwood, Managing Partner at SHUKR Islamic Clothing. “We know it can often be difficult for Muslim Women in the west to find a balance between feeling comfortable and dressing modesty.”

SHUKR jilbabs are unique as they offer a hybrid between traditional Islamic wear and modern western styles, and they remain a favorite among women as they provide modest solutions for those wishing to keep covered while keeping cool. With lightweight, breathable fabrics and exceptional high quality, SHUKR jilbabs once again prove that modesty and beauty can go hand in hand.

SHUKR is the leading Islamic clothing company dedicated to putting faith into fashion. Launched in 2001, SHUKR Islamic Clothing was the first company to provide contemporary, modest clothing that meets the needs of Muslims and non-Muslims living in the West. SHUKR is proud to be able to serve people of all religions who find that their faith encourages them to dress modestly, without having to sacrifice style and beauty.
SHUKR Islamic Clothing’s collections can be viewed online at

Anas Sillwood, Managing Partner
SHUKR Islamic Clothing