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Welcome to Sungjo Fine Ceramics Co., Ltd. The driving force in the 21 century is growth of high-tech material engineering because it has satisfied high performance, permanency and diversification of materials needed for each field. Particularly, the unique attributes of materials, which have been limited in the metal area, have been discovered in ceramics, the field of minerals, and the ceramics should be developed as high quality materials in every area. We promise to continue conducting R&D with techniques accumulated at the fields, from ceramics for the industrial purposes to communications devices in the high-tech industry, so please give us your continuous interest and support.
Sungjo Fine Ceramics Co., Ltd Industry Company specialized in Ceramic Germanium Manufacturer Korea.
Structural Parts
Hardness, heat resistance and insulation, general characters of ceramics and corrosion resistance of oxides are usefully used as one factor of machines or facilities. Sometimes, the whole parts are used as ceramic materials but most are combined mechanically and chemically, so the components playing key functions are major parts.
Heat Resistance Parts
Most metal materials including stainless steel lose its strength and hardness at a high temperature (500 degrees), so it cannot function properly. However, ceramic-based heat-resisting materials can keep its strength and hardness even over 1,000 degrees, so it is suitable for heat resisting structure materials.
Welding Parts
Sungjo is one of the leading Ceramic Welding Parts Korea. A welding device uses a technique grafting into basic materials under a local melting condition with combustion heat of electric arc and gas. Therefore, related parts should not be transformed at 1,200-1,500 degrees because the temperature of surroundings of heat sources and peripheries of welding rises up to a melting point of metals. In addition, it is suitable for parts which need insulation, momentary heat resistance and wear resistance such as the use of zig of the welding device, and can also be use with white or red colors.

Water Seal
Metal materials placed on parts playing as seal by contacting water or other fluids for a long time have disadvantages of water leak caused by repetitive operation and occurrence of harmful materials to humans due to corrosion. Therefore, these parts are required to be made of semi-permanent materials because it has complicating mechanical assembly and disassembly, and the process itself causes rice in costs. Ceramics have perfect natures able to be used for these kinds of purposes and our design and manufacturing method have been recognized, so we have made relations with the leading water filtration companies in Korea.
• Color : Green, purple, brown
Electrical & Electronic Parts
Alumina ceramics, metal oxides, are completely different from characteristics of aluminum and excellent insulators with over 1014 of resistivity. Its electrical characters have been used for boards of electronics and elements of insulators for industrial purposes.
• IC Package IC board
• Spark plug Resistance heater
Looking for ceramics structural parts manufacturer? Sungjo is a one stop solution to you. Hardness, Heat Resistant Ceramic Materials Korea, general characters of ceramics, and corrosion resistance of oxides are usefully used as one factor of machines or facilities