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DUBAI, 1, July 2018: – Locus Chain Foundation (LCF) won the Outstanding Global Leadership Award 2018 under the technology leadership category at the Global Economic Summit that was held at Swissotel in Dubai on Thursday.
“We are happy to be recognized as a global business leader by a reputed institution like Institute of Economic Studies (IES) India. LCF has already signed agreements with 32 countries to implement its blockchain technology. The Tunisia Economic City, the largest Mediterranean smart city, and the Mauritius government are two entities we have most recently signed agreements with”, Lee Sang Yoon, President and CEO of LCF said on the sidelines of the event. Lee Sang Yoon was also honoured during the ceremony.
“We believe that blockchain technology can bring drastic changes and justice in the area of financial transactions and we are planning to hugely invest in the technology sector of the MENA region especially in the UAE. Our detailed investment plans will be announced soon”, said Dr. Usman Zafar, Senior Advisor of LCF, while introducing the blockchain technology to the participants.
Mohammed Ibrahim Al Ali, Manager of HR Information and Smart Transformation Center for Government of Dubai, Dr Ahmad Tahlak, President and Chairman of Levenbert, Ms Basma Essa, Senior Business Development Manager for the Private office of HH Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, Mr Soo Han Cho, Director of Bloom Technology, Korea, Mr Zahir Paduvadukam, Director for Government Relations, Investha International and other international participants also attended the ceremony.
The Delhi-based Institute of Economic Studies (IES) which was established in 1980 by a group of economists, parliamentarians and industrialists has been researching on various aspects of the economic development for over three decades.