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Text My Main Number Announced to Offer Landline Texting for Support Centers

Text My Main Number is a leading text to landline company that offers the best landline texting services. The company announced to offer the best landline texting service for support centers. The offered service is available for both, technical and customer support centers. The support centers can use text to landline to provide seamless support services to their clients.
“The landline texting service text enables the landline and / or toll free number of the support centers. This text-enabled number can be used for 2-way texting. The support centers can implement texting as a mode of communication to provide hassle-free support to their customers.”, shared spokesperson of the company.

“The support centers can ask their clients to text their issue to their landline number. The ‘Auto Reply’ feature of the text to landline will send an acknowledgement to the customer. The support executive can access this raised issue SMS in the text to landline solution or can also receive it in the inbox with Mobile2Email feature. This message can also be received as an SMS on the Smartphone with Mobile2Mobile feature of text to landline without exposing personal mobile number. The customer care executive can send updates via SMS and MMS, as and when needed. The whole process can be finished without interrupting client.”, shared Ash Vyas, Director of Operations, Text My Main Number

According to the shared details, the landline texting for support centers can come with a wide range of features to make support communication seamless and prompt. The representative of the company also announced to offer special prices and features to the support centers that have custom need and it is not reflected in the offered packages by the company.
The support centers that text-enable multiple landline or toll free number can enjoy heavy discounts on the landline texting service offered by the company. Also, each company, regardless of the fact how many numbers they text-enable, will have a dedicated account manager that will be just an SMS / a Call away.

“There are many clients that don’t like to use ticketing system to raise an issue or stay on call during the issue resolution process. The text to landline is the perfect solution to delight these types of customers. Moreover, the support executives can use this solution for many other reasons such as for sending a text to pass

• Updates about the ongoing support activities
• A final resolution
• An alert for a scheduled downtime for upgrade
• A notification about new feature / package
• And more

The representative of the company shared key benefits of using the landline texting for support center that are listed below:

• Seamless customer support
• Save time of customers and support executives
• Delight customers
• Increase productivity
• Increase ROI
• And more

The company has announced to offer a risk free trial to interested people. To book a free trial, call / text on 1.800.797.3167; to explore more details about landline texting, please visit

’Ikshana’ – by Singapore based artist Anuradha Kabra

Hyderabad, 30 June, 2018…Kalakriti Art Gallery presents ‘Ikshana’ by Singapore based artist, Anuradha Kabra showcasing her recent series of artworks.

The show was formally inaugurated at Kalakriti Art Gallery (468, Road.No:10, Banjara Hills) at 6.30pm on June 30 (Saturday) and will be on everyday from 11am to 7pm till July 29, 2018.

The exhibition takes into account the inspiration as well as the influx of people from different cultures, has had on Anuradha Kabra. Artist, states it gave rise to a deep sense of respect and interest in learning more about what shaped them to becoming a race with common beliefs which tied, and connects us all together which is absolutely divine.

Bringing in more depth into her practice and making them more meaningful is what excites her. Growing up in the influence of the famous Zoologist, Reuben David, had intrigued her with the life of animals and how they inhabit and are so integral to our lives. My love for animals influenced and still continues to influence the artistic ventures.

Anuradha states – I realized that India was not the only country with a rich history, mythology and colourful traditions and I started exploring the roots of other cultures. I was so excited with every new experience and wanted to put it together as a celebration of us as a human race. In-spite of geographically so far apart, there is a common thread which binds and connects us all together which is absolutely divine.

Originally from Jodhpur (India), Anuradha Kabra has made Singapore her home since the past decade. Her informal education in art & music started from a very young age from her mother, Kamla Kabra and father, Brijbhushan Kabra both well-known artists.

Her love for the vibrancy of Van Gogh’s work & the precision of Escher led to her evolving her own unique style of blending pencil with vibrant water-colors and chalk pastels on paper. She wanted to give a deeper spiritual meaning to her creations and this gave rise to artwork depicting the harmony, balance & duality in nature. Her current works explore the synthesis of culture with faiths and beliefs.

She has successfully exhibited in group & solo shows in Singapore and was the exhibiting artist at the Indonesian Economic Forum in Jakarta in 2016. Her last show was at the Affordable Art Fair in Singapore in collaboration with Eyemage Art Gallery, Singapore.

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Kalakriti Art Gallery

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Israel Looking Forward to Becoming Energy-independent and a Natural Gas Exporter

Thanks to the massive 2.4 trillion cubic feet reserve of natural gas discovered in the Tanin and Karish gas fields, together with the formerly found Leviathan and Tamar reserves, Israel will probably soon become energy-independent for the first time in its history. But the nation that had developed its economy on downstream industries, due to the lack of natural resources and basic materials, is not going to stop there but is planning a push into overseas markets, by exporting natural gas.

The tiny Mediterranean nation got the sale of the Tanin and Karish fields approved to Greek gas search company Energean Oil & Gas PLC in 2016 so as to meet their aim of domestic energy independence. The board of directors of the Greek firm, at last, gave an official green signal recently in March 2018 for a final investment decision (FID) to go ahead with their financing of $1.6 billion into the development of the still-unused Tanin and Karish natural gas fields. Energean publicly announced that they’d already made long-term deals with some of the largest private producers of natural gas in Israel, who, in alliance with some big Israeli companies, have made contracts of 61 billion cubic meters of natural gas over sixteen years.

Energean which lately raised more than $400 million for the task in a recent IPO of shares in London is going to develop a floating production, storage and offloading establishment that will be capable of treating 8 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually. They also disclosed their plans to create a 90km pipeline to carry the gas from the offshore establishment to the mainland of Israel, enabling connection to the domestic gas network.

Power generation in Israel at the Karish field is scheduled to start in 2019 and Energean has planned that their gas will hit the home market in 2021. Drilling of 6 wells in the Tanin field will be followed then that is to be linked to the floating production and offloading establishment.

The Greek firm is set to bring energy revolution in Israel by competing with the already-formed and much larger fields of Leviathan and Tamar (believed to hold up to 18.9 trillion and 8.4 trillion cubic feet of gas, respectively), being controlled by the shareholders of the U.S. company Noble Energy Inc. as well as units of DelekGroup of Israel.

Reasons to Hire Mortgage Advisor Sheffield

Obtaining a mortgage loan is much more complicated than most people imagine. There are many factors to be taken into consideration; there are different types of mortgage products available on the market not to mention that there are numerous lenders with different terms and offers. How do you make the smartest financial decision? To do so you should hire experienced Mortgage Advisor Sheffield that has excellent knowledge of the market and will guide you through this stressful, challenging process step by step. Resorting to professional Mortgage Advice in Sheffield is worth it and it will definitely make a difference as far as the outcome of your mortgage loan is concerned.

To begin with, there is a diversity of mortgage products available on the market and you have to do your best to find the one that suits your needs. It is not recommended to do so on your own, especially if you don’t have any knowledge in this field. You need an experienced Mortgage Advisor Sheffield who has in-depth experience and who will check the market for a wide range of products on your behalf. The good news about working with an advisor is the fact that he knows what to look for and he will offer you useful advice in order to obtain the best mortgage loan.

What can an advisor do for you? First of all, he will start by checking your financial situation and see whether or not you can afford a mortgage. Once he makes sure you qualify for a mortgage he will tell you what documents to prepare and what you need to improve so that you are not rejected. Experienced advisors have exclusive deals with lenders and they can get you a mortgage deal that you would not be able to obtain on your own. Another plus of working with an advisor is the fact that he will complete all the paperwork to ensure there are no mistakes. Also, he will calculate all the costs and the features of the mortgage so that you know what to expect and he will tell you what mortgage you can get.

Individuals who are too busy to shop around for a mortgage or those who lack experience in this field should leave this task to professionals who know what they are doing. Professional Mortgage Advice in Sheffield will save you time, money and lots of unnecessary hassle. It is difficult and time consuming to obtain the best mortgage offers without professional help. The good news is that you do not have to do that for you can hire a broker that will find the perfect lender and the right mortgage for you. Why should you risk making mistakes, delaying this process or having your application rejected when you can hire competent brokers and let them do what they know best?

Moving on, many mortgage shoppers apply for a mortgage without knowing all the costs involved in this process. Do you know how to obtain all the important cost information? Have you established the loan amount, the loan term, the type of loan you want? Are you familiar with all the fees such as origination fees, broker fees, and closing costs? How about the down payment? How much money do you need for your loan? What is the total cost of the insurance? As you can see, there are various aspects you should consider before you apply for a mortgage and it is recommended to work with competent advisors to obtain the best possible offers. The broker you hire will negotiate the terms on your behalf and he will use his knowledge and connections to get you a mortgage loan that will top your expectations. This is definitely worth considering and you will not regret having hired a broker.

If you need a mortgage loan and you have no financial knowledge and no time to shop around and see what deals are available at different lenders it is best to hire a competent Mortgage Advisor Sheffield. He will save you from lots of unnecessary headaches and do his best to obtain a mortgage that is tailored to your needs. With useful Mortgage Advice in Sheffield you will save money and time and you will have an enjoyable mortgage shopping experience. We invite you to our website to see how we can help you. Feel free to contact us for more details about what we have to offer.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing is a very important aspect of success. Especially starting out as a business you need to invest a lot of time and effort into the right marketing strategy. Nowadays Marketing offers plenty of possibilities, e.g. through Social Media, but at the same time it means there is more competition, says Rieta de Soet, CEO of De Soet Consulting in Switzerland.

The first step is to think about what your goal is. Once a goal is set, it is easier to focus on how to achieve it and find the right strategies. Ambition is important, but without focus you find yourself struggling very quickly, says Rieta de Soet, who has been supporting companies at her Business Center for over 20 years.

Simple yet effective are two of the keywords. Use Social Media Channels, but choose carefully which ones, because in the beginning it is impossible to keep them all updated without employees who were hired specifically for that reason.

To choose which platform is the best one, it is useful to do some research in advance and find out which channels are popular with the customers you want to reach.

De Soet Consulting helps their customers to work out a marketing strategy and stay focused on their goal.