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So you were trying hard for a while to lose that extra weight from your body, you had tried everything working out, running and so on but can’t figure it out, why are you not successful in losing weight as you wanted.

Well here are certain things you need to change your daily routine, to make things happen for you and lose that extra fat from your body.

Include these in your daily routine:

Body Stretching: When you wake-up, give 10 to 15 minutes to yourself and stretch your body properly, it will loosen up your muscles making it easier for you to exercise and reduce the after exercise muscle stress and fatigue. This will also help in increasing your workout time.weight-loss

Expose yourself to sun: We all know that Sunlight contains Vitamin D, but what most of us don’t know, that consuming Vitamin D is the most effective way to lose weight, as it improves body cell response to insulin, that is required to perform body functions by burning glucose for energy and hence losing more fat from your body. You can achieve this by running in day sunlight or going for a walk for no more than 25 to 30 min.

Workout: Benefits of working out is not just limited to losing weight, but daily workout also helps in improving the quality of your sleep, energy level, sharpen your memory and let you lead a happier, healthier and balanced life.

Breakfast: Delay your breakfast a bit, this will trigger your body to burn the fat cells that already exist in your body to generate energy.

Take high protein, fibre-rich diet and reduce fat consumptions; this will help in escalating the process of weight loss further.

Transport: We all know that, everyone loves to travel using Public or personal transport (car, bus, bike or any other medium) this reduces the time to reach our destination and makes it comfortable for us, but instead if you can change the mode of travelling for short distances like 10 to 15Km, cycling is the best mode to be suggested personally, but you can also break your journey to your office, by walking half the way and then taking a public transport. This will also escalate the process of weight loss.

Eat Slowly: Eating too fast can make you eat more, as our brain is slow to respond about when our stomach is actually full, so if you eat fast you will eat more then you actually need to.

The best thing to do is eat slowly, chew your food properly and this will fix the problem, you will feel full with your stomach with less food consumption.

Drink water: The best way to keep your stomach full is by drinking water on a regular interval of time; this will reduce the carving of food consumption, improve your body metabolism and overall health too

Incorporating the simple routine mentioned above in your daily life routine will help you in losing weight and will lead you towards a happy and healthier life. Though there are certain areas in the body like lower abdomen and others from were fat is hard to remove quickly, but if you want to shape your body quickly and lose that access amount of fat, liposuction is the best option available for you.