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Would you please do my essay? Can you please do my essay for me? Can you give some time to me and write my essay for me? These are different requests that are often made by a majority of the students to their friends or families. This attitude of students is negative, so students should try to change this attitude. Students should realize that they cannot force others to do the pieces of work that is, their own responsibility and not of others.

There are reasons why students should not take help of friends or parents to write an essay for them. First of all, students lose confidence if they rely on others to do an essay for them. Losing confidence will make students unnerving that means they will desperately need the help of others to gain confidence again. Gaining confidence will require effort, and students with lower confidence level will not be able to write an essay confidently.

Students who assign their essay writing tasks to others run away from their responsibility. Running away from the responsibility is a bad thing. Students will never realize their responsibilities in life if they keep running from the essay writing service task. Teachers want to see students improve their writing skills; however, if students keep running from an essay writing task, then: How can they fulfill their responsibility?

Students will never become self-dependent if they rely on others to do the job of essay writing for them. Self-dependency is beneficial in a number of ways, but students still prefer taking help of friends or parents to finish their essays. So, it is not a good sign. If students become self-dependent, then they will not need to rely on others for completing their essay writing task. Self-dependency is a blessing that majority of people do not have.

Students also improve their research writing skills by doing an essay on their own. Students learn how to conduct primary research, secondary research, and mixed research methods to collect data for essay writing. Students can ameliorate their researching skills if they carefully focus on data collection methods of research. In-person interviews, surveys, telephonic interviews, focus groups, and surveys are different data collection method of research, and students can learn about these methods by conducting research.

So, there are reasons why students should write an essay on their own rather than taking help of a friend or parent. In short, you learn a lot if you write an essay on your own.