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Ensuring the safety and wellness of clients’ elderly loved ones who choose to age at home, Senior Helpers Westchester County offers the Wellness Watch program. It helps families monitor the condition of their loved one through professional caregivers.

[SCARSDALE, 06/29/2018] – Based on data from the U.S. Census, once baby boomers enter the age of 60, the number of people in their generation who are aging alone start to increase. This is attributed to the high divorce rates and childless marriages. To ease the minds of family members whose senior loved ones are living alone, Senior Helpers Westchester County offers the Wellness Watch.

Seniors Living Alone

The U.S. Census says 27% of seniors in America aged 65 and older live alone. Many of them have no family to live with, but some have made a conscious decision to age on their own in a home of their choosing. The families of seniors who chose to live on their own find it a challenge to ensure the safety of their elderly loved ones and guarantee proper care for them, especially when the family lives far.

Wellness Watch Program

The Wellness Watch program aims to ease the burden of families. It involves two monthly one-hour wellness visits where experienced, compassionate, and process-oriented caregivers keep the elderly company or assist them with activities. It includes weekly check-in calls by the care team to extract health information from the senior, and a monthly report to the family to allow the latter to monitor the overall health condition of their loved one.

When the family signs up for the Wellness Watch program, they gain access to Senior Helpers’ referral network and Quick Start Home Care, receive a discount on other Senior Helpers services, and get one point of contact for all the needs of their senior family member.

The program is best for seniors who don’t really need daily home care visits or constant company but whose family will have peace of mind if they are checked occasionally. The service is tailored to their needs.

About Senior Helpers

Senior Helpers Westchester County is a preferred provider of in-home senior care services all over the country. Patients, families, and peers recognize the Senior Helpers brand for its unfaltering commitment to personalized care while maintaining responsiveness and dependability.

Senior Helpers Westchester County offers a range of home healthcare services in Scarsdale, Mount Kisco, Bedford and surrounding areas. It includes companion care, respite care, and sitter assistance. It also offers transition assistance to facilitate the recovery of patients recently discharged from hospital.

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