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Talygen, a leading service provider of cloud-based Business Management Solutions, has announced an enhanced version of its intuitive and easy-to-use job portal software that is built to improve and enhance the recruitment process of an organization.

Designed with the intention of recruiting and hiring the best talent with greater efficiency, Talygen’s job board software increases hiring capabilities of any organization. Hiring Managers can easily manage their recruitment objectives with this hassle-free system that allows Human Resource team to handle all hiring requirements electronically.

All-In-One Recruitment Software for Hiring Management

In this fast moving technological environment, you can get everything done in a single click. Hiring is one of the tedious processes for any organization because it includes a number of time consuming tasks such as scrutiny of applicants, recruitment procedure, document verification, inductions etc. All these are very lengthy tasks which demand lots of efforts from the recruitment team.

To make this process quicker and simpler, organizations prefer to go with online recruitment softwares that can manage all the hiring process smoothly. Talygen’s online recruitment software has numerous distinctive features which makes it unique and different from other softwares available in the market. With job board tool, Hiring Managers can add various vacant positions for different departments to the official website. Applicants can also use this online platform to submit their CV and other important documents.
‘’We have the best job portal tool at the moment which has the ability to simplify and manage company’s hiring mechanism in an organized manner. Today, everyone is looking for talented professionals and a software like Talygen makes it easy to acquire the most qualified talent’’, said Harold Saini, Chief Program Manager at Talygen.

Some of the key features of Talygen’s Online Recruiting Software

1. Customized Job Board Layout:

Talygen’s job board software is a fully customizable software that allows the Hiring team to design their own job templates with the help of an external link for applicants to apply for multiple positions. Besides this, they can also customize header, footer, comments and messages for different positions in their job board layout. This flexible procedure of designing job board link templates allows Recruitment Managers to display and manage a personalized look of a company’s job board link, so that clients get impressed about a company’s brand value in the market.

2. Job Posting Requisitions:

With Talygen’s online recruitment software, Project Managers can create a requisition for a job post. It will be sent to the Hiring Managers, who can easily approve it after analyzing it. Once job requisition post is approved by the authorities, it will automatically turn into a live job posting onto the company’s official website. This entire procedure not only saves precious time and money of the company but also streamlines hiring management of the organization.

3. External Links for the Applicants:

Talygen’s online recruitment software provides an external link of job post on company’s website or job board. Now, applicants can directly apply for any job post through this external link. The external link includes all necessary details related to candidate’s biodata, education details, experience details etc. They have to fill in all details carefully and submit their documents to the organization with this link. This helps both the applicants and organization in a smooth well documented recruitment procedure.

4. No Paper Work:

Talygen’s online recruitment software always promotes less paper work. The entire Talygen system is environment and device-friendly as all users can operate their Talygen account from anywhere internet is available and from all the existing platforms like website, desktop and mobile application. This practice automatically decreases and reduces the paper usage, it transforms into an additional saving for the organization and also for the protection of the environment.

5. Configuration of File Size:

Talygen’s online applicant tracking system allows Hiring Managers to configure the maximum size of files uploaded by applicants as per their requirements. Uploaded files include resume and other important documents of the applicants. This helps them to manage entire recruitment process with fewer efforts and also keep tabs on storage space used.

Streamline Your Recruitment Process with Talygen’s Cloud-Based Software

Talygen is a cloud-based software which has the ability to manage the recruitment process in a simplified manner. Its true efficiency can be tested during mega recruitment drives. Whenever an organization conducts mega recruitment drives, there are a big number of applicants who come for interviews. During this time, it is really very difficult for a hiring team to manage the recruitment process.

Talygen’s recruiting software can easily handle the recruiting process with its highly flexible and intuitive features such as managing applicants, job posting reviews, scheduling interviews, job posting requisition, customizable job board and many more.

‘’Since its launch, we have seen a big jump in the digital revenues of clients. They are getting more applications, new jobseeker registrations and hiring ratio has also increased extensively,’’ said Harold Saini, Chief Program Manager at Talygen.

About Talygen
Talygen is the worldwide leader in Business Management Automation. Talygen’s integrated suite of services and processes allows businesses to manage their core workflows via a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) application. With its wide variety of features, easy to use concepts and enhanced functionality, it allows an end to end process management and seamless communication between stakeholders in a project or business.

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