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MS Webb & Co., a professional bailiff company operating throughout England and Wales, provides quick, reliable commercial rent recovery services. Their services help rental businesses protect their assets and business interests.

[CROYDON, 06/29/2018] – MS Webb & Co., a leading bailiff company operating throughout England and Wales, provides quick, reliable commercial rent recovery services. These services help commercial landlords collect overdue rental fees while protecting their assets and other business interests.

Amicable, Efficient Way to Collect Overdue Rent

MS Webb & Co. consists of certified bailiffs who resolve each case amicably to keep the client’s relationship with tenants intact. On behalf of commercial landlords, these bailiffs provide tenants in question with:

Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR)

Commercial rent arrears recovery is a statutory procedure that allows a landlord of commercial properties or a bailiff company to collect rent arrears by taking control of the tenant’s goods and selling them. CRAR covers rent, interest and VAT fees.

Notice of Enforcement
Within 24 hours of receiving an Authority to Enforce form from the client, the bailiff company sends out a Notice of Enforcement to the tenant. The notice gives the tenant enough time to arrange payment before a bailiff enters the premises of the tenant’s rented shop, office or building space.

Controlled Goods Agreements
Controlled goods agreements allow the bailiff to enter the tenant’s premises during business hours. Depending on the client’s preference, the bailiff can either ask for immediate payment or removal of goods.

No Landlord Fees

In many cases, MS Webb & Co. does not charge the landlord for its services. The company adds the statutory levy fees and the entire cost of the enforcement to the arrears that the tenant must pay. This no-landlord-fee allows rental businesses to continue to profit despite the delayed rent payments.

With over 25 years of industry experience, MS Webb & Co. ensures that the commercial rent recovery is executed in a peaceful, efficient and responsible manner. The company also makes certain that its bailiffs have the skills and experience to meet any legal challenge that may come up during the case.

About MS Webb & Co.

MS Webb & Co. is a well-established bailiff and security consultancy company operating throughout England and Wales. The company upholds the highest standards of professionalism, operating strictly within the confines of the law and striving to resolve cases peaceably. It provides a range of bailiff and security services, including arrears recovery, squatter eviction, surveillance and asset tracing.

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