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DGM USA is a full-service logistics support firm specializing in hazardous goods. The company provides hazmat packaging, crating, and warehousing services, as well as consultation and online training. Established in 2005, DGM USA has staff members who are experienced in regulations for hazardous material. They serve distributors, manufacturers, and members of the logistic community worldwide by assisting them with their dangerous material compliance needs.

Speaking about hazardous material, the company manager said, “It is easy to make mistakes when shipping hazardous material such as lithium batteries. It is therefore important that you avoid any mistakes when you are dealing with dangerous goods packaging. Hazmat has a set of regulatory standards that companies must comply with to keep the handlers and the general public very safe. Ensure that you avoid falling out of compliance at any time to avoid penalties.”

Hazmat shipping is a complex field due to the various sets of regulations and depends on the type of materials to be shipped. Many companies ignore that safety standards for the same material may depend on the mode of transportation. Let your team understand the regulatory specifications that affect particular shipments to meet the compliance standards.

Speaking about compliance, the shipping consultant said, “The second way companies ignore compliance is by assuming that common substances are not hazardous. You will be surprised that what you consider non-hazardous is quite hazardous. Items like smartphones are deemed safe by many people, not remembering that they contain lithium-ion batteries which are classified as dangerous goods by the DOT and regulated as such is important. You are expected to comply with Hazmat regulations after filling the Hazmat declaration form.”

Another way your company may not meet the compliance standards is when they overestimate the competencies of their Hazmat employees. As an employer, you must ensure your employees’ competency before allocating them sensitive duties. It is important to subject them to training on Hazmat shipping standards and regulations to ensure competency when handling Hazmat compliant shipments. The training process should be gradual and continuous because the regulations are complex and need keen and thorough mastering. It is a crucial step, but necessary in order to avoid any compliance issues. DGM offers both consultation and online training on Hazmat compliance regulations. Companies that would like to consult or train their employees can contact them.