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Roof To Deck Decoration’s holiday lighting services include handling the installation, maintenance, and storage of Christmas lights throughout the year. Light up your home and business with quality Christmas lights now!

[St Paul, 06/20/2018] – The Christmas season is a great way to end the year and a spectacle that most people anticipate to see. Each year, homeowners, commercial establishments, and even local governments like to put on a show and decorate their respective places with holiday lights and other decorations. This year, you can turn on the holiday spirit without going through too much hassle with the help of Roof To Deck’s lighting services.

While the yuletide holidays are still months away, many who want to go all-out this year are beginning preparations as early as now. However, planning and installation mean the hassle of designing, decorating, and giving a place Christmas spirit. Minneapolis residents, businesses, and municipalities no longer have to go through the trouble with the services of Roof To Deck Decoration, a holiday lighting designer and installation service company.

The Christmas Lighting Experts

Roof To Deck Decoration provides quality all-around Christmas lighting services. First, the team of professional designers consults with the client on the latter’s preferred design and decor. Designers keep up with the latest trends and products in the market to provide the best creative solution that meets their clients’ needs.

The company installs the decorations according to the client’s wishes. Throughout the holiday season, Roof To Deck Decoration maintains the quality and cleanliness of the Christmas lights and replace or repair decorations that are faulty or break during its use. After the holidays, its team removes the lights and provides safe storage for the rest of the year.

Professional and Reliable Service

Clients are assured of the quality of decorations when they use the services of Roof To Deck Decoration. The company holds a $2 million liability in case of damage it or its decorations caused to a home or business. The lights used are all professional-grade, eco-friendly LED lights that glow brighter than average lighting products but consume less energy than traditional holiday decorations.

About Roof To Deck Decoration

Roof To Deck Decoration is a holiday light decorating service in Minneapolis. The company handles all the necessary tasks connected to Christmas light setups, such as installation, maintenance, removal after the holidays, and storage during off-peak season.

Roof To Deck Decoration features a team of professional design consultants who provide safe and eye-catching holiday lighting designs for residential, commercial, and municipal clients.

Interested in discussing lighting plans with Roof To Deck Decoration designers? Visit and schedule a free consultation today.