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Randy is a graphic designer that works in “Powers Award”, a recognized advertising company from Ohio. He has been working on a logo and billboard design for a very difficult client that have asked him over a hundred times to make new edits to his designs. His computer has several Photoshop edits named as “Logo Final”, “Logo Final Edit” and “Logo Final Edit 10”.

After several meetings and extensive feedback from the customers, Randy finally understood what the client had in mind and worked the whole night to finish the art requested. Tired, but happy that he could finish, he was ready to send the file from his Gmail account. But since all edited files had similar names, he happened to send the wrong one!

The clients were furious and decided to switch to another advertising company. All of this for the simple mistake of a very tired graphic designer. Sure it would have been easier to send the right edit directly from the file… But when you start using Gmail or G Suite, you can no longer use the build in ‘send to mail recipient as attachment’ option from your Microsoft Office Files and other software applications without installing a local mail client. Even the right-click Send option doesn’t work either.

What could you do to avoid falling in a situation like the one of Randy?

Now if you would like to make your software work with Gmail, Mapi for Gmail® is the solution. This app can help you to turn Gmail into your default mailing app. Whether you right-click a doc and select ‘Send Mail recipient’ or use the ‘File Send as attachment’ feature from your preferred software. Gmail will automatically open in a new message having the document already attached to it!

MAPI for Gmail® is compatible with any software and you can use it in any device you install it from. The app lets you send word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Acrobat PDF’s, Photoshop edits, Winzip files and other extensions, with a just a simple click.

Furthermore, you can send unlimited messages, receive support at any time and manage multiple users. If in a future Randy’s employer would like to keep away from making a similar mistake, he can install MAPI for Gmail® for the users of the company’s G Suite domain and manage all licenses easily. Additionally, employers can install it on their users workstations through GPO installation.

If you’re skeptic about how simple MAPI for Gmail® can be, you can try it then for FREE and then have it for an accessible price: . There’s no need to download and install new versions: the software will frequently check online if a new version is available will automatically update itself.

Now that Randy knows about MAPI for Gmail® he doesn’t have to worry about any other dumb confusion as the app eliminates the margin of sending the wrong file. He can now focus on working hard and of course, pray that the next client won’t be that demanding!