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Shank’s Argo offers amphibious XTVs equipped with superior traction and a brake-based steering system for off-road, outdoor enthusiasts. XTV owners can conquer any terrain with ease.

[CHAMBERSBURG, 6/28/2018] — Shank’s Argo is a premier Argo XTV dealer that caters to the outdoor exploration needs of nature enthusiasts. Its heavy-duty and reliable vehicles are ideal for excursions, regardless of the location and terrain.

A Reliable Off-Road Companion

Those longing to explore the wild, exciting frontier can turn to luxury amphibious XTVs from Shank’s Argo. The heavy-duty, off-road vehicles help adventurers conquer the wilderness in comfort and safely.

Business clients can use them to offer adventure tours and conduct photo safaris to customers. They may also use the vehicles to participate in outdoor activities.

Superior Tire Grip and Traction

The amphibious XTVs feature giant tires with excellent suspension and traction properties. The tires have tread patterns and deep grooves that can keep water out from underneath the tires. Furthermore, the large tires spread the weight of the vehicle, allowing XTVs to glide over mud, snow, and sand effortlessly.

Vehicle owners may also opt to mount a WARN power winch to the utility vehicle if they need extra pulling power for vehicle or equipment extraction. This way, it’s easier to pull out if the XTV or the passenger gets stuck.

User-Friendly Navigation

The luxury XTVs feature easy-to-use steering transmission systems so vehicle owners can navigate any terrain without a hitch. Shank’s Argo uses a brake-based steering system instead of a steering rack so drivers can quickly change the direction and course of the vehicle while driving.

Utility vehicles with the special steering system have brakes that apply to their inner wheels. These wheels help keep the vehicle pointed straight ahead while navigating difficult terrain. More than enhancing vehicle navigation, however, it also prevents stop bump turns and minimizes extreme impact.

About Shank’s Argo

Shank’s Argo has been serving the power equipment needs of customers in the Cumberland Valley area of South Central, Pennsylvania since 1984. The company is a premier authorized Argo dealer that offers various XTV models, including recreational, search and rescue, luxury, utility, and firefighting services. With over 30 years of experience, customers can trust the Shank’s Argo for XTVs that provide maximum safety and comfort.

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