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Santa Clara, CA (June 28, 2018) – Deleting files or folders because of long names can be a problem as the system will show error message. Long Path Tool error fixer has many features that provides solution to these issues. Using this software, one can delete long file names utility without any disturbance. This software is capable of handling pathnames of any length, up to the internal Window limit of 32,000 characters.

The software runs on all the Windows platforms and makes file management convenient. If one is facing the problem of deleting files with long file names, the custom designed application comes to their rescue and makes it as easy as a click on the mouse.

The licence for the software comes at a wallet-friendly cost. It is very easy and straightforward to purchase Long Path Tool. It can be bought using most of the payment channels. The customer will receive the licence file almost immediately after the payment. However, if someone is making wire transfer, it will take a few days’ time to get cleared.

About KrojamSoft, Inc.:
KrojamSoft, Inc. was established in the year 2000. They operate from Santa Clara in CA. The company is specialized in developing software programs for desktop computers. Now, they have this excellent tool to their collection of software program to help Windows and Mac users alike.

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