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To reduce the chance of borrowers having their mortgage applications rejected, Conveyancing Supermarket offers Lender Panel services to help borrowers understand where they stand. By providing borrowers with free, no-obligation quotes, they can prepare for a valuation when meeting with solicitors and advisors.

[ENGLAND, 28/6/2018] — Conveyancing Supermarket, an online database of licensed conveyance solicitors and property lawyers in the UK, provides assistance to mortgage borrowers through their Lenders Panel. By providing online comparisons, Conveyancing Supermarket makes valuation and consultation services to be more competitive and accessible.

Response to Mortgage Borrowers’ Issues

Conveyancing Supermarket created the Lenders Panel. It was in response to a large number of borrowers finding out during their mortgage application that their conveyance solicitor was not qualified.

By enlisting the help of a solicitor from the Lenders Panel, borrowers will have the assurance that they are working with a qualified solicitor and will not have extra expenses to correct any conveyancing errors. With the help of Conveyancing Supermarket’s tools, users can choose from a list of members from the Lenders Panel depending on their options selected.

At least three estimates will be provided without any hassle and expectations from prospective conveyancers. The conveyancing quotes will vary depending on each firm’s calculations. However, all quotes will have a breakdown of all the fees and charges with no hidden costs.

Benefits of Conveyancing Supermarket’s Lenders Panel

The Lenders Panel provides borrowers with a chance to compare conveyancing quotes. The conveyancing quotes tool contains necessary valuations and other information needed when meeting and instructing a conveyance solicitor. Conveyancing Supermarket’s valuations can also be used as a basis for bargaining lower prices with the mortgage advisor.

The Lender Panel service is free and no-obligation. Users may choose to arrange a phone consultation at a convenient time.

About Conveyancing Supermarket

With their range of free tools for comparing various conveyancing quotes, Conveyancing Supermarket eases the complexities of home buying and selling by making essential information accessible at your fingertips. All online tools provide reliable quotes from a chosen panel of trusted and highly rated experts in the UK.

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