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Ohio, US, (June 27, 2018) – Kidz Watch is a reliable full time child care Sylvania OHE center that helps parents to manage their personal and professional commitments, resting assured that their children are being looked after properly.

This full time day care Sylvania OH center has a play based program, with an entire curriculum designed and created around the same. It is intended to educate children through playing. Through role playing, kids are able to get experiences of how the world goes on and how life is like.

The fulltime curriculum of this full time day care Sylvania OH facility is designed to make children enthusiastic and ready with skills for school education and training. There are programs designed for toddlers and infants to help them develop their fine motor skills and gross skills. Through the curriculum, designed specifically for each age group, kids can get sensory, social, cognitive, artistic, linguistic and musical experiences.

The Preschool Sylvania OH facility accepts kids in the age range of 6 weeks – 12 years. For infants, parents have to make reservations at this Flexible day care Sylvania OH center.

About Kidz Watch Sylvania:
Kidz Watch Sylvania is a flexible child care Sylvania OH center that offers flexible full time and drop-in childcare services in Ohio. It was set up in 2002 to take care of the needs of parents who need accessible and high quality childcare options for their kids.

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Kidz Watch Sylvania
6801 W. Central Ave.
Ste G Toledo Ohio 43617
Phone no: 419-843-2997
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