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Side channel blowers are ordered more and more online at SKVTechnik ( The reason for this is the fact that side channel blowers are relatively universally applicable and the manufacturer standards are common in the industry. The requirements for side channel blowers are well defined. Side channel blowers provide specific pressure / volume ratios depending on their drive and design, which can then be reproduced in a so-called power curve. There are two-stage and one-stage side channel blowers. You can switch them side by side or one behind the other, thus influencing the performance.

Side channel blowers have a number of accessories. There are suction guards, various types of filters, safety valves, skiving silencers, pipe silencers, reversing valves, soundproof hoods or vibration dampers. Side channel compressors can be specially sealed against certain media, such as high air humidity. In potentially explosive atmospheres ATEX – suitable compressors are used. These are approved for use in potentially explosive environments and are specially equipped. They comply with the conditions of the ATEX directive of the European Union (EU).

Intake protection is required by the user so that no foreign substances enter the intake channel. A specially shaped metal net in front of the intake channel prevents uncontrolled suction of solids. Side channel blowers must be secured before sucking in solids. Between the rotor and the stator there are very small clearances, which lead to the compression of the air. If solids enter these columns, the side channel blowers will break down sooner or later.

Filters fulfill similar functions as intake protection. Only significantly smaller particles from the intake air are filtered. Again, no solids may be sucked into the compressor area.

Safety valves ensure the right pressure. Side channel blowers have well-defined pressure-volume curves. If the permissible values (indicated in the parameter curves of the machines) are exceeded, this can lead to the compressor being switched off. Safety valves are used to maintain the parameter values. If the parameters in pressure or volume are due to exceptional process events in non-approved areas, same safety valves, mounted in the suction or pressure channel, these values. The side channel compressors can again convey so much volume that they carry away their own process heat.

Silencers are mounted in the intake or exhaust duct. They clearly serve the smokescence. They are used especially where side channel blowers are operated in the vicinity of people. Often even the side channel blowers themselves do not generate the noise, but rather the air that is emitted or sucked in.

Change-over valves reverse the air flow abruptly. Change-over valves are connected directly to the side channel blower and reverse the direction of flow at the push of a button. There are now also reversing valves that are able to promote the air flow in a circle and thus drive the system without pressure.

Soundproof hoods are small boxes in which side channel blowers are installed. Depending on the machine category, soundproof hoods are then ventilated. The heat generated by the enclosed side channel compressors is removed by fans from the sound enclosure. Soundproof hoods are used in addition to the sound insulation and the protection of the side channel compressor from environmental influences.

During operation, side channel blowers run quietly. Due to years of operation, it can happen that side channel blowers run restless. Vibration dampers are used against these vibrations. These are small rubber buffers that are mounted between the bottom plate or side channel cover and floor or wall bracket.

Customers purchase accessories at the very best when purchasing the side channel compressor. This can save unnecessary transport costs. SKVTechnik is an online retailer of side channel blowers. Over three hundred different machine types are available. Customers are expertly operated by manufacturer consultants and thus receive the best advice from professionally trained personnel for the most favorable machine prices.
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