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The EDCare aims to improve its treatment for eating disorders through its collaboration with the University of Colorado Denver’s Brain Research Program on a five-year study.

[DENVER, 6/26/2018] — The EDCare seeks to further learn the roots of eating disorder. Its collaboration with the University of Colorado Denver’s Brain Research Program is looking to determine what is driving, in particular, binge eating.

The two organizations received a $3 million grant through the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) in December 2017. The research seeks to create an easier, shorter, and more successful treatment.

“We help patients understand the roots of eating disorder, so we can more quickly set them on the path to a resilient, lasting recovery,” the EDCare shares.

The Study

The EDCare and the Brain Research Program of the University of Colorado Denver have started work on a five-year study that seeks to understand the brain function driving binge eating. Binge eating refers to episodes of not only consuming large amounts of food but also eating faster than usual to the point of feeling uncomfortably satiated.

“Binge eating disorder is more common than you may realize, and can have a serious impact on physical and mental health,” the center says, adding that patients may develop high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and joint pain, among other conditions.

The collaborators titled the research study as the “Effects of Negative Affect in Individuals with Binge Eating Episodes.”

Permanent Change

The EDCare provides opportunities for patients to join in cutting-edge research studies to make new clinical interventions. Its 2013 study led to the introduction of cognitive behavioral therapy and nutritional therapy as an effective way to address the underlying psychological issues of the eating disorder.

“At EDCare, we know recovery from binge eating disorder is possible. We have seen great results from our evidence-based 10-week program that demonstrates patients can leave the center on a path to recovery. “

About EDCare

The EDCare commits to empowering individuals who have eating disorders. The company aims to help individuals make healthy and long-lasting changes to help them experience a successful recovery. Its treatment options include partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs, outpatient services and aftercare, connections house for patients, anorexia treatment, binge eating treatment, empowerment-based treatment, and more.

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