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Global Type-D bulk bags: Introduction & Significance

Bulk bags are industrial containers which are used to store and transport granular products in large volume. Type-D bulk bags are also known by the name of antistatic bulk bags, as it consists of antistatic fabric. Type-D bulk bags are used to transport flammable powders. Type-D bulk bags consist of conductive material along with the fabric which allows the bag to discharge the electrostatic charge to the ground and enable the safe operation even in the presence of flammable substances.

One precaution needs to be followed while using type-D bulk bags is that it must not be used when the surface of the bulk bags is contaminated or coated with the conductive material such as water and grease. Type-D bulk bag does not require grounding.

Global Type-D bulk bags market: Dynamics

Type-D bulk bags are extensively used in industrial material handling or the transportation which occurs in the bulk quantities. Growing safety awareness and government regulations are the key factors driving the growth of the global typed bulk bags market. Type-D bulk bags are used to transport the flammable powders along with the flammable solvents and gases.

Growing agriculture activities, which demand for higher utilization of fertilizers and chemicals, growing infrastructure development, and the mining activities are fueling the growth of the global type-D bulk bags market. As compared to the type-C bulk bags, these bags need to be grounded for discharging the charge. To overcome this challenge type-D bulk bags were introduced which has proven to be a restrain for type c bulk bags.

Global Type-D bulk bags market: Segmentation

*Pricing of this market has been captured on the basis of volume

On the basis of volume, the global Type-D bulk bags has been segmented as:

  • Small (below 1 cubic meter)

  • Medium (between 1 and 2 cubic meter)

  • Large (more than 2 cubic meter)

Brochure With Latest Advancements and Application

On the basis of end use industry, the global Type-D bulk bags has been segmented as:

  • Chemical Industry

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Food Industry

  • Construction Industry

  • Agricultural Products

  • Others

Supply Side Analysis:

The collected numbers are obtained from Key Type-D bulk bags manufacturers in the world, their product offerings, sales revenue in each market verticals. Sales revenue from type-D bulk bags manufacturers was estimated after comprehensive product mapping. Various market and industry experts, which includes sales and marketing heads of type-D bulk bags manufacturers, independent consultants, and distributors, were contacted to validate the penetration type-D bulk bags market in the global bulk bags or FIBC bags market.

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Demand Side Analysis:

The overall end-use and market size have been determined, and the penetration of type-D bulk bags market has been determined and the penetration of type-D bulk bags market in each of the end use. The total value and demand of type-D bulk bags market were mapped in each end-use industry, across the world.

The approach is followed by the global market, and bottom-up analysis was used to arrive at the market size of the type-D bulk bags market, regarding consumption and revenue.