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The Center for Legal Studies trains students to apply advanced and specialized methods for using legal resources in law libraries and other relevant places.

[EVERGREEN, 5/25/2018] – Advanced legal research and writing require consistent practice for mastery. The Center for Legal Studies (CLS) offers a specialized course for law students to improve this particular set of skills.

The Course

The Center for Legal Studies (CLS) explains that students of Advanced Legal Research and Writing course will learn to examine advanced and specialized methods for using legal resources in law libraries and elsewhere.

Students will understand the conceptual differences between hard copy research and computer-assisted legal research. The coursework is equivalent to 50 clock hours of study.

The legal education company adds, “You will also learn how to formulate WESTLAW search queries and effectively and efficiently use WESTLAW and other online legal research methods as timesaving devices in legal research and legal writing.”

Students need a high school diploma or GED to take any course. The legal education company clarifies, “Anyone can take CLS courses provided they have basic education. Please bear in mind that this is a college-level course and students are expected to perform accordingly.”

Credibility and Flexibility

The Center for Legal Studies zeroes in on delivering the most affordable yet effective legal education possible. Its courses are available in more than 180 colleges and universities across America, allowing students to achieve their educational goals without sacrificing their everyday lives.

Experienced and practicing attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals teach the courses from CLS.

Students who need financial aid have access to multiple funding options; Federal Financial aid, however, does not cover noncredit courses.

About The Center for Legal Studies

The Center for Legal Studies (CLS) started out in 1980. The common law training center provides legal studies courses in association with hundreds of colleges and universities in the country. The CLS uses the following formats in its courses: online, DVD, text-only, and live lecture. It updates the curriculum to keep up and stay up-to-date with the legal industry’s latest trends.

The Thomson West Publishing International has recognized the CLS for its innovative and easy-to-use online courses. For more information, visit today.