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It is hard to find someone, who does not love music. If you have a passion to spread your melody and creativity and think that the audience will accept them, then you need to go to the music industry as your career. But there is so much competition in the arena of creativity. Many wannabe artists are waiting to get their talent to reach to their audiences. Especially after you have prepared your composition via recording, it is now a task to make the audience aware of your creation. Because after all, the audience is the one who will actually appreciate your work.
That is where the job of the Major Music Distribution Companies begins.
They take the responsibility to distribute the album or musical composition in the market so that it reaches to the audience. Earlier, music distributors used to spread the work of an artist in the form of physical recordings like a recorder and later via CDs and DVDs. They used to distribute them at the music store after signing a contract with the artist or the recording studio. They used to get a share of the profit and also the cost of the distribution.

But with the advent of the digital space, the relevance of the physical recordings has been decreased. That is why with the changing of the time, the artists and the music companies have found out a new way to promote their music, Radio Airplay. That is right; Radio Airplay is the platform where you can upload your music and target the actual listener. In partnership with the Sync, Licensing Companies will help you by creating an account in the Airplay. Then after that when you finish the recording, you need to upload your music and choose the well-known artist similar to your own music. Your music will be played on every radio station. The listeners, if they like your composition will instantly become your fan. Thus, avail the most natural way of getting your fan base!

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Business Name /Contact Person: Sugo Music Group / Stevan Pasero
Country/Region: USA (but our target audience/territory is WORLD)
Street Address: 80 Cabrillo Hwy., STE Q429
City: Half Moon Bay
State: CA
Postal Code: 94018
Phone No: 650-281-7069
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