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Why would American companies put their trust in quality accreditation organizations led by or containing members of hostile foreign nations? G-PMC and ABAC are doing their best to both raise this question and providing effective solutions to the problem.

New York, NY, USA, June 22, 2018 — Ford Motor Company is a legendary American business that finds itself using quality accreditation groups who have recently been brought to the limelight as having ties to hostile foreign nations. American owned and operated G-PMC ( & ABAC ( are presenting their case to Ford showing how they can solve this problem, led by the thirty-year veteran of the industry Daryl Guberman (, also well known as a whistleblower who has spent a great amount of time and energy exposing the presence of China, Iran, North Korea, and other dangerous nations running or being members of quality accreditation organizations like the IAF, the International Accreditation Forum, and other accreditation groups.

“As a Jewish-American business owner it makes me sick to think some American companies of the highest stature have been fooled into working with things like the IAF dripping with anti-American and anti-Israel sentiment,” remarked Guberman, with his usual charisma and passion. “It’s an insult both to America and to our industry. We are working hard to reverse this trend and hopefully our meeting with Ford will help inspire them to move in the right direction. All the proof is objective and clear, in black and white.”

G-PMC points towards the IAF and similar groups failure in working with Audi motors which lead to first a series of recalls of 75,000 vehicles and then a 4.8 million car recall only a few years later. G-PMC points the way forward and beyond these kinds of problems, having experience with companies as large as Boeing, excelling in the execution of their quality assistance program.

Guberman continued, “If Ford comes on board with us, a fellow American business, they will send a strong positive message and avoid any potential embarrassment that could come along with working with the Chinese-led, North Korea, and Iran member accreditation groups like the IAF who appear to be both immoral and less than competent. It’s a win for American businesses, our workers, and our nation.”

Daryl Guberman (, beyond business, is known to be a passionate supporter of veteran’s causes and campaigner against political corruption. He is deeply considering taking his considerable knowledge and experience and putting to good use in an effort to win a seat in the U.S. Senate in 2020 running as an independent. More news in that area should be available soon.

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