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Combining style and comfort with Paraval zip up sweatshirts:

A zip up sweatshirt has long been considered a versatile fashion item that has its own style. Paraval is proud to announce the release of its own Zip up sweatshirts.

As almost every man has a zip up sweatshirt somewhere in their wardrobe we want to add a Paraval option for men everywhere.

 With a men’s lightweight sweatshirt it is possible to dress up and dressed down depending on a person’s mood. It’s also traditionally quite easy to layer using these types of comfortable zip up sweatshirts. Here are some tips on using this style to the fullest:

Choose a sporty look: A zip up sweat shirt can serve as a very sporty look. Because you can easily layer and remove the sweatshirt for a run or for the gym, you can be ready for a wide range of sports and more. Some of the best basic colors for athletic fun are the idea of a basic black zip up sweatshirt or even a neutral gray style of sweatshirt. Matching the sweatshirt with some sweatpants, jogging pants or even a pair of sporty shorts could be a great way to accessorize this look.

Layering with denim: A nice denim jacket and a layered zip up hoodie could be one of the best ways to accessorize a more casual look. You can use a zip up hoodie and then add some darker jeans to complete the look. Opting for lighter colors depending on the season will help to finish off the outfit and keep it looking stylish.

Layering with leather: A leather bomber jacket or another type of leather jacket also looks great with a zip up sweatshirt. Adding these items on top can give you the perfect winter look. Having these extra layers are called they can also improve your comfort considerably.

Keep an eye out for all of the latest Paraval releases in mens zip up sweatshirts.

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