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It’s difficult to find an industrial product where china doesn’t play a leading role. Injection molding machines are made there more than any other country. Chinese Injection Moulding Machines are leading in industrial market. Here we will discuss about some of the Chinese manufacturer and suppliers.

Double Color Injection-

As the name suggests, it is an injection molding machine which can process two colors at the same time. Double Color Injection Molding Machine processes one at a time with two injection unit. These two units can work simultaneously or at different times, depends on the product requirement.

Horizontal Injection-

Injection molds can be fastened in either vertical or horizontal position. Most of the machines are horizontally oriented, Horizontal Injection Molding Machine is the most standardized machine use today.

Household Moulds-

Injection molding is a popular way of manufacturing household products. Household Moulds Manufacturer China is mostly the common manufacturer of home based products. The molding technology is basically makes plastic products for mass production, the common examples are-

House Ware-

Bottle and jars
Toys, briefcase and suitcase.

Construction helmets.
Core plugs.
Hydraulic Pallet Jack-

Pallet truck also known as Hydraulic Pallet Stacker is used to move and lift pallets. These are intended to lift light or heavy pallet. Hydraulic Pallet Stacker Manufacturer And Suppliers can be easily found in a warehouse.

High Speed Injection-

High Speed Injection Moulding Machines works in less than 10 seconds. An operator can run the machine as slowly as he wants but the machine will always open and close fast, mold fills material in fraction of a second.

Fix Pump-

China is leading in manufacturing industry for making Fix Pump Injection Molding Machinery. This product controls the flow and pressure and a best example of adjustment and high precision.