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The increasing use SCR Power Controllers in various manufacturing industries for temperature regulation is the major factor which is driving the growth of SCR Power Controllers market. Temperature regulation is required in most of the manufacturing process for the purpose of material heating, melting, drying, or forming. SCR Power Controllers or Silicon Controlled Rectifiers plays an important role in temperature regulation as they are used to control the flow of electricity and to produce specific material effects or properties within an industrial furnace, oven, or other thermal processing equipment. Also, the high efficiency of SCR Power Controllers and its advantages over alternative devices such as IGBT-based power supplies and converters is compelling various manufacturing industries to adopt SCR Power Controllers.
SCR Power Controller is a solid state switching device which provides fast and flexible proportional control of electric power used for applications such as annealing, drying, melting or heating glass, plastics or metals. SCR Power Controllers are used in various industries to use raw materials more efficiently and reduce energy use.
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SCR Power Controllers market: Drivers and Challenges
The increasing demand for digital SCR Power Controllers in order to intelligently manage electrical energy used in industrial furnaces, ovens, or other thermal processes is the primary growth driver of SCR Power Controllers Market. Also, the high flexibility, bus connectivity, and cost-effectiveness of SCR Power Controllers are supporting the high adoption of SCR Power Controllers in various industries. Moreover, the increasing demand for SCR Power Controllers in Glass and Crystal, Chemical, and Metals industries is fueling the growth of SCR Power Controllers market.  
The technical issues or the lack of technical knowledge about the handling of SCR Power Controllers in small and medium-size companies is one of the major factors which may hamper the growth of SCR Power Controllers market.  
SCR Power Controllers market: Segmentation
Segmentation of SCR Power Controllers market on the basis of type:
• Three Phase
• Single Phase
Segmentation of SCR Power Controllers market on the basis of control method:
• Phase Angle Control
• Integral Cycle Switching
Segmentation of SCR Power Controllers market on the basis of End-use Industry:
• Chemical
• Industrial furnace
• Glass and Crystal
• Metals
• Oil & Gas
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SCR Power Controllers market: Competition dashboard
Key Players
The key market players in SCR Power Controllers market include Honeywell International Inc., Schneider Electric, ABB Corporation, Omron Corporation, Siemens AG, AMETEK, Inc., Chromalox, Inc., Danfoss Group, Advanced Energy Industries, Inc., and Gefran.