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The excitement is already starting to build for next year’s International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show (IBWSS) in London, which is still the only show of its kind in the UK. Pre-registrations for 2019 are now open, but places are filling up fast!

The dates for next year’s event will be March 11-12, 2019. A special pre-registration period is now open for exhibitors who would like to take advantage of the best offer to exhibit.

There has already been strong word-of-mouth buzz about this year’s high-profile IBWSS event in London, especially regarding the quality of the more than 44 exhibitors on the trade show floor of the Royal Horticultural Halls. In 2019, expect even more exhibitors and even more innovation!

Who should attend IBWSS London 2019?

Make no mistake about it, the real excitement of IBWSS London happens on the trade show floor, and you don’t want to miss this unique opportunity to get in front of new customers. Next year, the trade show component of the IBWSS London event will give supermarkets, retailers, restaurants, wineries, distilleries, and suppliers a premier international platform to discover bulk wine and spirits and discuss private label programs. For two days, you’ll have a chance to spend time on the trade show floor with top industry players, meeting one-on-one with both buyers and sellers in the very center of London.

IBWSS exhibitors represent a diverse lot: wineries looking to meet their demand, importers looking to diversify their portfolio, retailers thinking about creating their own private labels, and brokers who are looking to meet new growers and producers. There are plenty of opportunities to get in front of all of them at IBWSS London and make your mark on the rapidly-growing UK bulk wine market.

What to expect at next year’s International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show?

The bulk wine market is now an incredibly important part of the overall UK wine market, and having a chance for participants to interact with new bulk wine suppliers and manufacturers during the two-day business conference is a key reason why IBWSS London was such a success.

For exhibitors, one key reason to register for the IBWSS London 2019 event is to get access to top industry participants looking to expand or diversify their private label and bulk wine programs. These are just some of the themes that will be covered during the business conference component of IBWSS London 2019:

1. How to build a private label strategy
2. How to create a profitable private label brand
3. How to spot new bulk wine market opportunities on a global basis
4. How to attract the attention of retail buyers
5. How to optimize your bulk and private label business model for profitability

Participants that you will be meeting on the showroom floor are looking for ways to optimize an already-existing business model, as well as how to create a new business model and strategy from scratch. They are searching for answers on how to maintain the quality of their bulk supply program and how to deal with regulatory issues when they arise. You can be the solution to all of these problems, and more.

So take advantage of this special early bird offer to register for IBWSS London 2019 as an exhibitor! By participating in this high-profile event in London in March 2019, you will walk away with the connections and relationships needed to become profitable in the competitive UK bulk wine marketplace for years to come. Register here **** for IBWSS London 2019 by June 30 and save or email us on to inquire further.