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Net proceeds from this book will go towards helping underprivileged.
Mumbai, 20th June: Notion Press, India’s fastest growing self-publishing company with presence in US, Singapore & Malaysia, is delighted to present an insightful book Act or Accept written by global business leader Ashok Bhandari that encourages one to think through & disconnect with pain.
Our nonstop attempt to achieve something outstanding & constant comparison with others have made our lives complex, full of anxiety and miserable. Act or Accept primarily discussesanimportant subject,how to delete unhappiness,in its all-embracing meaning, from our lives.
According to World Health Organization(WHO),people suffering from depression has risen by more than 18% since2005. More than 322 million people are in depression, and a few prime reasons are fear of failure, unfulfilled desires, adverse life events(unemployment, bereavement, psychological trauma) etc. People who are unhappy are more likely to develop depression, as per WHO.
The author has written this book based on his personal experience wherein he has explored the reasons, assumptions, beliefs and causes that make one sad. He has shared his valuable insights which will help the readers to cross the mire. And, by doing so, theywill discover a unique set of thoughts tailored to their individual identities, cultures, beliefs and faiths. This actionable approach – simple yet practical – will motivate the readers to start a new,fresh,powerful beginning.
Speaking about the same, Ashok Bhandari, the author of the book said, ‘I have keenly observed that people always feel sad for things they don’t have in their lives and in this process, they forget to appreciate and celebrate the things they have. Everybody is different and unique,and so, I feel that it is undeserving to follow the herd and feel unhappy about it. Instead, we should embrace ourselves and create a path that is for who we are; this will definitely help us in this long beautiful journey of life.’’
‘We should transcend happiness-unhappiness conundrum altogether in the final analysis’ added Ashok Bhandari, who is involved in encouraging formation of support or community groups to help one another.
This book is available worldwide in 155+ countries from Amazon (US, UK, India), Flipkart, Infibeam and other e-commerce stores including Notion Press webstore in paperback, hardbound, Kindle, Kobo, Apple iTunes & Google Play.
About the Author:
Ashok Bhandari has held senior management and board level positions in global corporations like Unilever, Honeywell, Zenith, Birla& Continuum for close to four decades. He is a distinguished expert in creating and executing strategies using unique framework designed by him based on big thinking, digital & agile. He is now working on his next book Growth is Good – Managing 10X Growth.