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The worldwide annual blood donation day took place on June 14th of 2018. It aims at motivating people from all over the world to understand the importance of blood donation and encourage them to take part in blood drives worldwide.

To commemorate the Annual Blood Donation Day this year, the NGO Trauma Care International sponsored by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy is organizing a massive blood drive in Christ Embassy churches around the world (June 30th). The initiative of Pastor Chris seeks at motivating the individuals to donate blood regularly on a voluntary basis through blood donation drives. Moreover, it also aims at establishing a network of national and international voluntary blood donors that will help ensure the availability of blood for transfusion in health institutions.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and the Christ Embassy community have established the Trauma Care International Foundation in order to organize events dedicated to helping individuals gain awareness of the need of blood donation. Moreover, he was also responsible for donating equipment to help increase the health status of communities in need across the African continent. The Pastor and the Members of Christ Embassy are vivid supporters of humanitarian aid and through participating in this year’s blood donation day, they expressed their hope for increasing the quality of life of people in need.

The mission of the Trauma Care International Foundation is to help improve people’s health and offer care services to injured or sick people. The Foundation distributes care and emergency response services during times of crisis. All the services provided are subsidized by the foundation and free to people who are financially unable to afford them. In addition, it also provides training sessions and lectures to educate students, teachers, law enforcements, etc. of emergency care and its importance.

People who are interested in donating blood are encouraged to register at the following link:

A video for the campaign is available at the following link:

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