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KDG is a small shop of technology experts who have been smiling since 2002. We are teams of experienced technical professionals in every field who have come together to solve your tech related issues and provide quick solution to them.

At KDG we have always mastered the art of bending our services according to the needs and will of our clients and this is the reason we call ourselves the technology artists. Our only aim is to provide our clients with the most reliable services when it comes to the technology. The best part about our services is we try to understand the needs of our clients rather than imposing our knowledge on them. Once we know their needs we bring together our visionary team including developers, analyst, designers, managers and strategists so as to craft the technological work that will surely delight the end user. This is the reason our clients have been continuously satisfied with our services. Our services are available for all the types of organizations including non-profit, small business, educational institution etc.

At KDG the moment you contact us our analyst will be available for you within 24 hours so that you need not to wait for longer. He will discuss with you about your software development, website design, mobile application and other IT support needs as well. We have over 15 years of experience in providing the technical solution to the problem of business owners. We understand the importance of digital platform in this modern era and this is the reason we provide It Support In Lehigh Valley. No matter what your needs are, we will serve you only with the best. Our varied services includes:

1. Customized ZOHO solutions to manage your clients, complete tasks and much more.
2. Customized software development to fit your needs in the best manner.
3. Tech management illustration to provide you complete technical support.
4. Crowdfunding campaigns to raise the funds and break the records.
5. Web and mobile design to leave a long lasting impact of your business.
6. Google applications for the business illustration to help you share and store your files.
7. Designing of education icons so as to launch the online marketing strategies.
8. Help to the non-profit around the nation to help in the accomplishment of goals.

At KDG we provide all the above services to our clients so that their needs are satisfied. We are basically a one stop solution to all your technical problems. Whatever you need to run your business digitally we will provide you. Our only mission is to have maximum customer satisfaction and this is what we work for. We have a teams of technical experts who have been working in this field since years. Our experience and successful past record motivates us to provide our service to more and more people so that they becomes technically competent.

So begin your search for the digital marketing solutions at

If you have any queries you can contact us at:

1575 Pond Road, Suite 201
Allentown, PA 18104

1629 K Street NW #300
Washington, DC 20006

We have been helping our customers since years and we will be happy to serve you as well.