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In December 2017 SAP Hybris Commerce has announced its 6.6 release with an in-depth focus on General Data Protection (GDPR) compliance. With technological benefits for all tastes, the premier provider gained the trust of Volkswagen, Carlsberg, Henkel, Indesit, Firelli, Deutsche Post and many other enterprise-level companies spurring Hybris market demand among businesses of smaller scale. Implementation of Hybris is usually going on both ways — from scratch and migrating from the e-Commerce platforms which was used at the time.

Today we’re going to get a closer look at SAP Hybris features which magnetize retailers, at advantages, it has over similar competing services and gives some development tips and tricks for proud owners of it. And sure, we won’t bypass the SAP Hybris development cost.

SAP Hybris development: tips and tricks | Aimprosoft