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Richmond, VA – Carytown Massage ( is located in Richmond, Virginia, and through the art of therapeutic massage one will discover new ways to get in touch with your mind and body and learn new levels of comfort and relaxation.

Getting a massage is more than just about relaxation. It is a way to get totally connected, aid in the healing process as well as to help you feel completely rejuvenated. Therapeutic massage techniques help to release tension and reduce pain as your mind is stimulated due to cortisol levels being reduced with the production of endorphins.

One of the many benefits of therapeutic massage is that it is an excellent way to heal the body and inner self. A massage allows one to feel a deeper connection to the inner self, allowing you a new experience of self-awareness and comfort. Massage therapist have the ability to massage deep into one’smuscles which results in relief from chronic and acute pain from any existing health conditions. The holistic approach to using therapeutic massage is even respected by traditional medicinal approaches to healing, and patients are often advised to try therapeutic massage before enlisting the aid of painkillers and surgery. Deep tissue massage can reduce the stress of everyday life, which when left untreated can result in depression, constant pain, and limited range of motion.

Some of the known benefits of deep tissue massage include:

  • Stimulation of blood circulation
  • Relieving muscle tension and spasms
  • Improving the function of the immune system
  • Improving joint mobility
  • Increased oxygenation of tissues
  • Reduces feelings of anxiety and depression

Our professional massage therapists are experienced and capable of providing several different types of massages. Some deep-tissue massages have an almost medicinal effect on the tissues and a rehabilitating effect on the muscles. The “Swedish massage” is the type our therapists like to focus on when providing massages for the benefit of relaxation.

Schedule an appointment for a Swedish massage today by calling 804-396-6451. For less money than a dinner for two, you can indulge in the best thirty minutes of your life!! You will not regret it. The Swedish massage relaxes your nerves as your muscles are stimulated; resulting in an overall revitalizing experience which will also release the everyday stresses life places on you.

About Carytown Massage:

Carytown Massage was established in 2016, and has a reputation for being a premier massage therapy practice in Richmond, Virginia. We have a team of licensed massage therapists for which we can offer our clients a fully tailored treatment plan that is suitable and capable of meeting their individual needs.

We have an urban retreat which you can relax and revive your senses while under the hands of our trained team of professional massage therapists. It is our continued mission to provide an extended variety of massages and therapeutic treatments which will sooth the mind and body while at the same time create a luxurious experience.

Address: 3316 W.Cary St.,
Richmond, VA 23221
Phone: 804-396-6451