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Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab provides dental clinics with high-quality space maintainers. The appliance encourages the proper development of permanent teeth in children.

[NORTH LAUDERDALE, 6/15/2018]—Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab is a full-service dental laboratory. It offers high-quality and reliable space maintainer appliances that prevent loss of space in the mouth following tooth extraction.

Appropriate Appliances for Dental Treatment

Space maintainers promote proper spacing between and around a patient’s teeth, enabling permanent teeth to erupt and come into place. Since dentists do not typically recommend dental implants to children and young teenagers, they use space maintainers instead to guide permanent teeth into the right position.

The orthodontic lab creates space maintainers out of metal for long-term durability. The appliance consists of two metal rings that attach to the teeth and a wire arm that connects the two.

Extensive Knowledge of Teeth Anatomy

Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab has extensive experience creating dental equipment. It designs its dental appliances to correct issues like overcrowding, impacted teeth, and incorrect bites.

The dental labs’ technicians are well-versed in the anatomy of permanent and deciduous teeth. This capability allows them to create the proper cast and band size for space maintainers. They pay particular attention to detail to ensure that every appliance fits comfortably and meets dental clinic requirements. The lab also stocks at least 1,200 to 1,500 bands in its inventory to make sure every case receives the proper band size.

Quick Turnaround Times

Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab has the equipment and tools to make space maintainers and prosthetic appliances. It provides fast turnaround times to help dental clinics address issues right away.

Its three to four week turnaround time allows dentists to address space loss issues among patients promptly. Customers only need to reach out to the team to request for a custom-made appliance.

About Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab

Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab is a dental lab that supplies top-quality orthodontic appliances. These include distalizers, orthodontic aligners, retainers, space maintainers, sleeping and snoring appliances, and more. The lab also offers digital 3D printing in orthodontics to help dental professionals enhance the patient experience.

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