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Mental health is a valuable part of well-being, and mental illnesses may affect anyone, regardless of age. At The Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Health, psychiatrists treat children, teens, and adults and help them overcome these conditions.

[WESTPORT, 6/14/2018] – Many people are beginning to understand the consequences of poor mental health. Its disorders can develop in anyone, regardless of social status, race, age, and other factors that differentiate people. They can cause physical, emotional, and further mental harm to the person afflicted or their loved ones.

As such, it is important that people who notice signs of mental disorders within themselves or their loved ones should seek immediate and professional care to mitigate the risks. Residents in Westport, Connecticut, who need compassionate and professional help can seek the services of the Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Health (CCBH).

Mental Health Conditions Affecting All Ages

The CCBH offers to treat a range of mental conditions, from simple to complex and acute to chronic. These include:

• Anxiety
• Trauma
• Substance Abuse
• Suicidality and Self-harm
• Depression
• Eating Disorders

CCBH recognizes that these disorders affect people, regardless of age, and have different ways of treating children, adolescents, and adults. For example, adults experiencing depression may show signs of apathy, hopelessness, and a tendency to lean towards substances to cope; in children, depression manifests itself in lack of interest in the activities they once enjoyed and a fluctuation of moods.

Treatment for Mental Conditions

After evaluating their patients for specific conditions, needs, and personalities, they create a comprehensive treatment plan to help patients manage their symptoms. CCBH’s treatment plans combine proven effective psychotherapy techniques, medications, and alternative treatments to help treat its patients. In applicable cases, CCBH staff can include family and group sessions, coaching over the phone, and other means of self-care.

About The Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Health

The Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Health is a private group of professionals providing comprehensive and individualized mental health services. The Connecticut-based practice prides itself on its warm, hospitable environment ready to treat patients with mental health problems, regardless of age.

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