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Scissor Tech NZ offers swivel scissors from the Matsui brand. The scissors and shears in the range come with a lifetime warranty to ensure client satisfaction.

[NEW ZEALAND, 14/6/2018] — Scissor Tech NZ, a trusted distributor of high-quality hairdressing shears and scissors, offers a lifetime warranty for its collection of Matsui swivel scissors. The range is made from high-quality Japanese steel that guarantees durability and long-lasting usage. Matsui’s swivel-type scissors are specifically designed to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Swivel Scissors and Shears to Reduce Strain and Fatigue

Hairdressers work for several hours daily, making them susceptible to hand discomfort, pain and repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. These conditions can advance to more severe problems when not immediately attended.

As a solution to address these risks, Scissor Tech NZ offers swivel scissors from the Matsui brand. Swivel-type scissors are constructed with offset swivel thumbs that allow hairdressers to put minimal effort on their fingers while creating smooth horizontal cuts. With the superior thumb and finger positioning, the mechanism reduces hand fatigue.

Scissor Tech’s Matsui collection includes swivel scissors, thinning scissors and shears that come with a black matte, silver or rose gold finish.

Lifetime Warranty Free from Faulty Workmanship

With 20 years of experience in manufacturing and designing high-quality hairdressing scissors, Matsui has guaranteed a lifetime warranty on all their shears and scissors. The brand’s products are made of premium-grade Japanese stainless steel and constructed with the highest level of workmanship.

All other products such as cases, pouches, cleaning oils and other accessories come with a 30-day warranty.

About Scissor Tech NZ

Established in 1988, Scissor Tech is a reliable online distributor of professional hairdressing shears. The company has since expanded to New Zealand, offering products at lower prices due to its exclusively online nature. The store continues to widen its catalogue to include products from trusted brands and supply them to both local and international clients.

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