Gong Cha Tea Shops Launches New Delicious Bubble Waffle Treat!

New York, NY – It appears as though Gong Cha USA – the most successful Bubble Tea franchise in the world has a lot in the works as of late… For starters, they’ll be having a grand opening in Austin, TX on June 8th the location will be at: (2021 Guadalupe Street/Austin, TX 78705). It will be Gong Cha’s new location in Texas, as they already have several other Gong Cha tea shops in different areas in Texas.

Furthermore, there’s word that they’ll also, be opening an additional two locations in New York! One at Columbia University and the other at Hoboken. These two grand openings will be taking place between mid June and July. As I said, there’s a lot brewing with Gong Cha USA Franchise!

However, Gong Cha has actually announced their latest, which is the launching of a new treat. It’s Gong Cha’s new and delicious Bubble Waffle! I mean this is absolutely ingenious! What a way to compliment a tasty Bubble Tea beverage than with a treat?!? I suppose that’s exactly what Gong Cha USA was thinking. They needed some really, cool and unique treat to accompany their famous Boba Tea drinks and so they did it… I imagine this is just the beginning of Gong Cha tea shop treats.

The Bubble Waffle will be available at selected locations on June 1st! There are two ways you can have your Bubble Waffle… You can either have the Original Bubble Waffle or the Bubble Waffle with Pearls inside! Moreover, you’ll be able to choose from an array of syrups and toppings to add and make this new, incredible treat even more amazing!

It’s real good to know that Gong Cha is now coming up with treats to go with their very awesome Bubble Teas.

Speaking of Gong Cha Bubble Tea — You must try the new Strawberry and Grapefruit Series, which are both off the chain!

The Strawberry Series alone includes the following drinks:

● Strawberry Green Tea
● Strawberry Yogurt
● Strawberry Milk Foam Green

They’re all so very delicious! These would certainly go well with a Bubble Waffle Treat! Remember, you’ll be able sink your teeth into your first Bubble Waffle Treat on June 1st at Gong Cha tea shops! Yes, it’s just around the corner, so don’t miss out on the launching of Gong Cha’s delicious, new treat – The Bubble Waffle!

About Gong Cha

Gong Cha was initially founded in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Gong Cha means “Tribute tea for the emperor.” Gong Cha is a successful Bubble Tea Franchise. Gong Cha has tea shops locations all around the world and many locations in the USA, which include New York, New Jersey, Texas and Massachusetts.

Gong Cha believes and takes pride in serving quality Bubble Tea. Their teas are blended with an array of fruits, toppings and some very creative and delicious mixes.

They take pride in offering their customers freshly brewed teas and toppings at all times. Teas and Tapioca Pearls are refreshed every four hours to ensure that all customers have a fresh Bubble Tea beverage.


To learn more about Gong Cha’s Grand Opening, please contact:
Office: 626-203-5741