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The Markham-based dental practice helps patients regain their confidence and improve their oral health with a permanent teeth replacement option.

[MARKHAM, 06/12/2018] – Markham Dental offers dental implants to help individuals smile with confidence. The clinic emphasizes that if an individual lost a tooth or has been missing teeth for a time, it is necessary to seek tooth replacement.

Markham Dental Smiles explains that missing teeth are not only cosmetic flaws, but they also compromise the quality of an individual’s life. Neglecting immediate treatment could lead to rapid deterioration of oral health.

The Proper Treatment for Missing Teeth

According to Markham Dental Smiles, people with missing teeth will have difficulty in chewing and will feel pain because the adjacent teeth will shift within the space. They may also refrain from speaking and smiling as the condition of their mouth can lead to embarrassing situations.

The dental practice adds that this situation can increase the risk of plaque buildup, which can lead to periodontal and tooth diseases.

The team of dentists replaces failing or missing teeth with new implant-supported restorations. The group points out that restoring an individual’s smile can only take one procedure.

This procedure will not only enhances a person’s smile but also improves teeth stability, chewing ability, and general comfort.

Dental Implant as an Option

Markham Dental Smiles says that a dental implant is a substitute for a tooth root, a firmly embedded part of the tooth. The dentist surgically implants a titanium wrench within the jawbone. The implant supports the artificial dental crown (a clinically visible part of the tooth), dental bridge, or denture.

Dental implants are suitable for replacing missing teeth because they are permanent and convenient for most patients. As with any treatment, the dentist will perform a thorough checkup and take medical history before recommending the teeth replacement option.

About Markham Dental Smiles

Markham Dental Smiles offers a wide range of services, including preventive care and cleaning, root canal therapy, and other forms of tooth replacement options such as dentures and crowns. The Ontario-based dental practice uses current technology to diagnose and develop customized treatment plans for each patient. Markham Dental Smiles aims to provide the high-quality care and treatment with compassion and integrity.

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