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Join the London Healing Workshop of Vagabond Temple with Kobi and Danny. The workshop will be held in Bharatiya Vidya Bavan Centre, London on September 6-10.

[CAMBODIA, 06/14/2018] – Feel the power of empowerment in the London Healing Workshop led by Kobi and Danny from Vagabond Temple. The workshop will run from September 6-10, 2018 in the Bavan Indian Culture Centre London. It covers mindfulness activities, philosophies and the art of perceiving power for feeling compassion and achieving inner peace.

Five Days of Healing

Participants will learn relaxation techniques, discover awareness practices and understand the deep meaning of yoga in the London Healing Workshop of Vagabond Temple. For£350 or an Early Bird Price of £299 for early bookings (before 30th June), participants will be immersed in an intensive course for achieving self-development and empowerment.

The workshop includes five days of various practices, learning ancient traditions and gaining insights on living in the modern world. Participants are expected to bring their own yoga mat, pen and paper and an intention.

The workshop will be held in Bharatiya Vidya Bavan Centre, 4a Castletown Road, West Kensington, London W14 9HE, United Kingdom. For tickets prices and reservations, participants can find the details here.

Topics and Activities Covered in the Workshop

In the London Workshop, Kobi and Danny will guide the guests in yoga, mindfulness exercises, movement meditation and the philosophy of martial arts in perceiving and acquiring power. They explore naval chakra and Tantra practices for strengthening the sense of self. Kabbalah, Hinduism and Buddhism are also integrated into the course, helping participants achieve compassion and inner peace.

About Vagabond Temple

Vagabond Temple welcomes people from all walks of life to join their yoga and meditation retreats in Cambodia. Considered a home away from home by many, the centre offers a rejuvenating and transformative experience that helps people heal, grow and interact with like-minded individuals who are supportive of one another’s journeys.

For more information about Vagabond Temple, visit their website at