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Gemstones are beautiful pieces of nature that dug below the earth’s surface and are generally worn as ornaments or jewelry. The gemstones go under a lot of grading process to determine the rarity and value of a specific one. Things that come when determining any gemstone are its clarity, the color of the stone, the hue, the tint, the tone and several other factors. These gemstones are always in trend, in fact from several centuries.

Karibu Gems which is only one among a few to collect and further sell its authenticated gems into the online world. We only appraise those gems which are of finest quality and further sell only “quality” to our customers. This objective of ours is changing the course of this industry and becoming such standards that other competitors only tend to follow.

One of our top most enquirer gems is our Natural gemstone. This gemstone is uncut and unpolished in nature which makes it so durable in its current form. This gemstone gets enquiry from all regions of the world but especially from western hemisphere.

In the modern era most people who buy a gemstone are concerned with the color of it. One thing we have learned from this business is that this gemstone is above all the others in terms of popularity, as indeed the color is the most important factor when buying a loose gemstone.
Faceted gemstone is the one which has multiple cuts called “Facets”. The purpose of having a facet is to reflect the light which falls on it, through which most of the light never passes through and it creates one of the most beautiful gemstones that one can buy.

From Europe and especially from Switzerland, gemstones get most of its variety diamonds, alexandrite, topaz, garnets and emeralds. You can get all of these Gemstones online through our shop.

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