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Monster Moving and Storage offers moving services for relocating residents and businesses both locally and long distance for a stress-free move.

[HUNTINGTON BEACH, 6/8/2018] – Monster Moving and Storage offers moving services for residences, and relocation for businesses, whether they are moving within the state or long distance.

The company understands the stress associated with moving. As such, it aims to reduce that stress and give clients peace of mind. Monster Moving and Storage is a team of professional movers who know how to handle the clients’ valuables and how to minimize damage.

Moving within the State

Monster Moving and Storage believes that moving can be a start of new adventures and it can be exciting. The activity, however, could also be an overwhelming experience for some people.

For this reason, the moving company emphasizes the value of hiring professional movers to eliminate the stress from moving.

According to Monster Moving and Storage, two to four guys can help moving clients together with the truck, and all equipment based on their needs. They will also receive complimentary wardrobe boxes to use during their move.

Moving from One State to Another

Apart from helping clients move locally, Monster Moving and Storage also assists clients with their long distance move; for example, moving from California to New York. The service has no minimum weight requirements.

The company’s long distance fleet includes full 18-wheeler and 26-foot trucks. Monster Moving and Storage transports clients’ valuables and furnishings in outstanding, air-ride moving trucks. These trucks ensure smooth and safe transportation.

Furthermore, the company directly employs professional long distance movers, and they are fully licensed and insured. Monster Moving and Storage prioritizes the safety and security of each client’s items.

About Monster Moving and Storage

Monster Moving and Storage helps residents and businesses experience a stress-free move. The family-owned and operated business has over 25 years of experience providing fast, high-quality services. The company also offers packaging and storage services.

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