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Custom Bedbug is a pest control specializing in eliminating bed bugs offers heat extermination services that remove the pest in one treatment, bringing peace of mind to customers.

[EAGLE, 6/8/2018]—Custom Bedbug utilizes heat treatment to eliminate bed bugs. The company explains that bed bugs are highly reclusive making them difficult to get rid of during pest control.

According to Custom Bedbug, bed bugs usually nest in areas where they cannot be disturbed such as behind headboards, underneath the box spring, in the bed frame, or in drawers of nightstands.

Heat Treatment for Bed Bug

Custom Bedbug expounds that heat treatments are so far the most efficient and quickest method of eliminating bed bugs because heat penetrates every area where bed bugs nest. The company says that heat treatment can eliminate bed bugs in one treatment. Spray applications, however, will take three to four treatments within several months to remove bed bugs.

Moreover, Custom Bedbug emphasizes that eliminating bed bugs through heat requires extensive training together with highly specialized equipment.

The team of technicians undergoes a series of training that includes bed bug behavior and identifying common hiding spots for at least two months. The program helps technicians to deliver superior bed bug heat treatment as well as ensure proper treatment of the client’s property.

In addition, the company uses heating equipment and processes like heating systems that feature thermostats and sensors. These features enable the technicians to heat the infested area safely.

Understanding Bed Bugs

Bed bugs will nest in places that people frequent. They infest not only homes but also hotels, movie theaters, public transportation, and other places that people use.

Furthermore, these pests are productive. Females lay between one and five eggs per day and their eggs hatch within six to ten days. Custom Bedbug adds that bed bugs do not have a larval stage. These pests progress, however, from eggs via five nymph stages to a fully mature adult.

Beg bugs usually feed every 10 days, but they can survive for many months without blood. Their average lifespan is six to 12 months.

About Custom Bedbug

Custom Bedbug has been in the pest control industry for more than 20 years. The company offers spray treatment, canine inspections, and commercial services in addition to heat treatment. Custom Bedbug aims to provide peaceful sleep without bed bugs.

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