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If you want to save on costs in your products and still maintain a high-quality standard, you can take advantage of our company Jiangsu Hengtai Electronics and Plastic Co., Ltd. We ensure that you always get the best services along with reasonable price.

We are expert in handling production part of injection molding which is helpful as you can focus on your core business competencies. Our team dedicated work to China fabrication and our focus on maximum production. We have a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced professional who is highly creative in their work. According to us, improving all the time makes our firm different from other firms.

The availability of proper equipment and good resources in our company makes our company easier to develop products in quick time. We offer China Turnkey Manufacturing services at affordable prices. Our techniques are both a cost-effective as well as time-effective which produce the best quality product in bulk.

We have created the best atmosphere for our team to work properly and provide us best by which we can provide the best quality services to our clients. The goal of our company is to satisfy our every client with high quality product. We think that providing best and satisfying our clients will definitely help in our company’s growth. The growth of our company is improving all the time and it is growing in forward direction.

Whenever you need our China Contract Manufacturing services, you only need to contact us. Our hotline services are always there, you just need to visit our website and get an answer to your every query within 24 hours. We have the capability to produce best for our clients. Our main goal is to satisfy our clients with our products quality and pricing.

Contact Us:

Business Name : Jiangsu Hengtai Electronics & Plastic Co., Ltd.
Street Address : #2 Yunmei Road, Tianmu Lake Industrial Park
Country: China
City: Liyang
State: Jiangsu
Postal Code: 213300
Tel: 0519-87961188