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Text My Main Number, a leading landline texting for business service company has been catering to business messaging needs of its clients with their innovative text to landline solution and best-in-the-industry landline texting services. Recently, the company has launched advanced texting features to benefit their clients with an advanced texting to landline solution. Below is the list of features added by the company in its text to landline solution:
• Mobile2Mobile
• Email2Mobile
• Mobile2Email
“We are very happy to launch these features. It will make use of the landline texting service really convenient. Our users will be able to enjoy the flexibility of email and their mobile’s SMS app to send an SMS with our new features. It will remove the need of accessing text to landline app or web user. We have made it available for our existing clients and our new clients can also experience these features during their free trial period.”, shared Ash Vyas, Director of Operations, Text My Main Number.
The representative of the company shared details about each new feature. The details are briefed below:
It is a two way texting feature. The SMS and / or MMS sent to a business landline or toll-free number will be forwarded to the predefined mobile number. The user can send the text from his own mobile phone’s SMS application which will be forwarded to the client as a response. However, the number responded to the client will be the business line instead of the private number of the company’s executive.
Our landline texting service users can set the mobile number as per their preference. They can set multiple numbers as well. Also, they can easily remove the mobile number, when they want to stop receiving the text sent over their business landline.
The text sent over a business landline will be forwarded to a predefined email address. The company can get all text messages as an email.
Our landline texting users can change or remove this email address, as and when needed. They can also add more than one email address to receive the text-copy over multiple emails which is sent to their main business line.


We will provide functionality in our text to landline so our clients can send an SMS from their email, which will be delivered as an SMS to their recipient. The recipient will see the SMS from the landline of the business.
These are 3 innovative landline texting features available for customers and prospects of Text My Main Number.

About Text My Main Number
It is a landline texting company based out of New York, USA. The company provides landline texting service to its clients globally. Along with the text to landline service, the company also offers the business number of a specific country for their clients, if needed. The company offers a risk free trial to their prospective clients so they can experience their service and solution. To book a free demo and a risk free trial call/text 1.800.797.3167 or visit