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Stella, who worked for the Rolling Stones in her early career, and is still a full throttle rock ‘roll wild child in her 70’s, is enjoying her rise to popularity as an ‘alternative’ inspirational figure. Her status as highly prized GILF has her scratching her head. ‘I mean, come on. What man in his right mind wants to screw someone old enough to be his gran?’

Stella, who resembles a young Elizabeth Taylor, is a life coach, beauty/health advisor and yoga teacher, and says the reason she is so happy is that she doesn’t give two hoots what society expects of a woman her age and isn’t about to conform anytime soon. ‘I still smoke occasional cigars, rolls ups, enjoy a drink, rock glamour, get up to mischief and can easily go from Lady to Ghetto if unduly provoked. If some don’t get me, so be it. I’m not out to impress anyone.’

Stella advices her followers on social media with quotes such as: “Travel to expand the mind. We are one-time visitors to our planet. Save travel money by shopping in charity shops, make your own beauty products, sell off unwanted crap, and don’t get hung up on Botox too young ‘cos you’ll arrive at 50 with a face like a stretched Siamese cat.”

Those who meet Stella first time around are stunned by her fit, shapely body, youthful appearance and open mind.  An advocate of natural health/beauty methods to keep her skin line free and radiant, she has been making her homemade beauty recipes using essential oils, fruits and herbs for many years. ‘Fillers do their job, and sure I have them occasionally – and I share this info on my website – but they can’t give skin the glowing translucence of our earlier years. In the course of a week, I’ve perhaps exfoliated my face with Kiwi fruit, used ripe banana to nourish my skin and whisked up an egg white mask to tighten it. On a daily basis, I use my homemade essential oil facial serum and essential oil spritzer, take a teaspoon of grated raw ginger with honey to keep my immune system strong, whip up my Whey Protein Fruit Shake to keep me trim and eat loads of veg etc. But hey, I’m no lettuce nibbling health fanatic and certainly don’t preach it. I’m a hippie with a rebel soul so if I’m feeling French fries I tuck in.’

Stella’s YouTube series (Stella Ralfini Official channel) showing viewers how to make her sensuous beauty/health recipes are a delight to watch. Not only because of her vast knowledge, easy approach and charm but because she is not afraid to laugh at herself. In Video 6, ‘Sensuous Sorceress Talks Sensual Chocolate’ Stella shows her whacky side as wearing a cowboy hat, she sprinkles chili in hot chocolate. ‘If you’re wondering why I’m wearing this,’ she says, ‘It’s because I felt like it, and I think we should all do more of what we want.’

Pro cannabis, when diagnosed with malignant melanoma cancer last year, Stella chose CBD AND THC cannabis oil as aids to strengthen her, (and believes they really helped). Now recovered and friskier than ever, she’s added Argentinian Tango and Zip Lining to her array of hobbies which include Parachute jumping and scary rollercoaster rides. ‘Age is something I never think about. I intend to rock until rock turns to dust and leave this world with a huge smile on my face.’