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Whoever is in a search for a timepiece stylish enough for any kind of formal setting but without a hefty price tag and maintenance-related hassle is going to find the Skagen Joan Quartz SKW6331 Men’s Watch a piece that is tailored to their individual requirements. It’s slim but sturdy enough to withstand everyday use under urban settings. The flexible leather strap makes it lightweight and offers a comfortable fit, making the piece cling to your wrist without suffocating your skin, even when you reach for the last hole.

The Skagen Joan Quartz SKW6331 Men’s Watch is not a watch for your outdoor weekend activities. However, if you want to use it anyway, you got to change its leather strap into something more durable and water- and dustproof. For the indoors – like a round of billiards or Table Tennis over a beer or two – the Skagen Joan Quartz SKW6331 Men’s Watch fits just fine. A couple or a few more bumps caused accidentally are of no concern at all to the Skagen Joan Quartz SKW6331 Men’s Watch. They shouldn’t be for you, as well.

The Skagen Joan Quartz SKW6331 Men’s Watch wins hands down in its category due to the chic minimalism it exhibits. It is minimalistic but modern, with hints of classical influences, ensuring that it complies with the basic principles of minimalism! So at the end, you end up with a slender, silver-toned, three-handed timekeeping device that delivers precise timing down to the seconds. The watch’s aesthetic appeal comes only next to its accuracy and reliability.

The Skagen Watches for Men emphasizes both on value and style. Danish design inspired, the Skagen Joan Quartz SKW6331 Men’s Watch is ever-growing upon its user. Being more than just a fine looking watch, it resonates strongly with the wearer’s choice by embodying design ideals almost all of us value.

The white dial; however is not perfectly smooth and shining. It has a subtle, grainy texture that resembles egg shells or white paper, bringing a clean, matte finish but without the monochromatic appearance. The deep grey hour and minute markers stand out against it.

The brushed steel finish looks excellent. It complements the shape of the Joan. Shaped the way of ancient cauldrons, it occupies ample surface area on the wrist to provide a comfortable fit, distinguishing itself significantly, with all its severalty and cohesiveness of design and details exhibited full tilt. With a super-hardened” mineral crystal covering the dial and a reliable Japanese quartz movement inside, you don’t need to look for another dress piece for a long tie to come.

Bottom line: For the lovers of classic; for the worshippers of simplicity. The Skagen Hagen Slim Quartz Men’s Watch is one-of-a-kind of a watch from the brand; a wrist essential that you can rely upon totally, both aesthetically and technically.