How Active@ Disk Image Makes Data Backup Easy

LSoft Technologies presents version 9.0.0 of its industry-leading disk imaging software, Active@ Disk Image. Designed as a complete backup and restore solution that automatically keeps a copy of every occupied byte on your hard drive or other storage device, its exhaustive approach to backup ensures that nothing gets forgotten about. Instead, it copies everything on the device, and it can also make RAW backups of drives, which even include blank sectors on the disk.

Active@ Disk Image is a fast an efficient solution that provides multiple levels of compression depending on whether speed or file size is your priority. It can also encrypt your disk images so that no one else will be able to access them if they don’t have the password. Furthermore, the tool can also make incremental backups so that it adds only the newest or most recently modified versions of files, all at the same time as eliminating the risk of costly human error.

The latest edition of Active@ Disk Image sports various improvements, most notable of which is the addition of the revolutionary Fast compression method. Version 9.0.0 also provides improved handling of MBR and GPT partitions and disks as well as added support for the latest version of the ReFS file system. Finally, the Professional version also comes with the latest version of Boot Disk, which is now based on the WinPE 10 operating system.

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