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An effective long-term solution to teeth straightening and bite correction is to wear braces. Enhancedental in Leeds is focuses on fitting braces. They provide a comprehensive range of braces and treatment options for all ages.

[GARFORTH, 6/6/2018] — The brace options at Enhancedental include Invisalign, lingual braces and traditional metal braces among others. All of the braces offered at Enhancedental work by applying force to teeth to move them into a preferred position.

Accessible treatments

Enhancedental provide convenient treatment hours to cater for patients needing braces who have full schedules. Their opening times include evening and weekend appointments. For patients looking to find out about braces, Enhancedental provides no obligation consultations. During these consultations patients can receive an assessment, discuss treatment options and determine the cost of braces. They will also have the opportunity to talk over any concerns they may have. Enhancedental provides a range of interest free payment options to make sure that its patients can enjoy affordable braces.

Straighter, healthier teeth

One large benefit of choosing tooth straightening treatment with Enhancedental is healthier teeth. Many Enhancedental patients who have worn braces find that their teeth are much easier to keep clean. Once their teeth have been straightened with braces and their bite is properly aligned, patients will tend to have healthier teeth with less decay. Other patients of Enhancedental find that their new, straighter smiles improve their confidence. Overall, choosing braces with Enhancedental is a long-term oral health investment.

Quality treatment

Enhancedental is a trusted dental practice in Garforth, Leeds. Aside from offering braces, they also provide a large range of dental treatments to their patients including preventive and general dentistry treatments. They are committed to delivering quality care and affordable dental treatments to all ages. Enhancedental use the latest dental technology and techniques to ensure their patients receive safe and efficient treatment. Enhancedental provide more than 5,000 patients with quality dental care.

What to expect

Patients receiving braces with Enhancedental can expect high quality and thorough care along with a friendly and reliable service, from experienced clinicians and warm and friendly reception staff.


For appointments and more information, visit or call 0113 2860232.