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Acqua Recovery is Utah-based rehab center that helps individuals recovering from substance abuse transform their lives through evidence-based and holistic approach.

[MIDWAY, 6/6/2018]—Acqua Recovery is offering an evidence-based and holistic approach for individuals recovering from substance abuse, alcohol abuse, and mental health problems.

The company converted a historic property into a place which can help individuals heal. The center has resort-style accommodations and other amenities that promote spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Evidence-based Approach Treatment

According to Acqua Recovery, the uniqueness of each patient enhances the center’s treatment method. The center uses the patient’s personality, experiences, preferences, needs, and values as the sources for clinical decisions.

To provide a holistic recovery experience, Acqua Recovery combines medically-informed therapies with meditative and recreational activities. Its comprehensive method offers a pro-recovery environment for each patient. They will undergo behavioral therapy, recreational therapy, health and nutrition, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

The center encourages patients to connect with other patients by sharing rooms, joining group counseling, and participating in outdoor activities. Here, they are not only relating to others but also to their inner self.

Patients’ Well-Being as a Priority

Acqua Recovery aims to deliver an excellent experience in a pro-recovery environment. As much as possible, the center utilizes the best evidence-based approach to address trauma and the core issues of patients.

The residential rehabilitation center also offers the most recent education and experiences for the patient’s well-being and supports them with patience, understanding, and compassion.

Patients will learn how to connect with themselves and others more effectively, preparing them for self-reliance and safe transition into the next stages of their lives.

The center believes in patient-centered care because this embraces active engagement on every level. Acqua Recovery thinks the patients themselves are the most critical members of their care team.

About Acqua Recovery

Acqua Recovery is a residential rehab center that offers a sanctuary for individuals coping with substance abuse. The center provides an environment for hope, healing, and recovery which help transform their lives. The 20-bed mountain lodge is situated on a lakeside retreat, with plenty of space for privacy.

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